Friday, September 26, 2014


I'm so sorry for all the confusion about P-Day, it is Thursday. They didn't give us one last week. 
So YES I went to the temple dedication with 2,100 other missionaries and it was the most incredible thing...okay there's actually like one hundred incredible things!!! We went to the first session where Thomas S. Monson spoke!! And he just gets more sweet with age! He began his talk with, "I love Ogden." Ha ha. And, "Wow, look at how beautiful this temple is," (while looking up at the ceiling). It was so sweet. I will never forget the feeling I had of being clean and virtuous to enter to the temple even before the dedication started. The Mormon tab choir was singing, "where love is." It filled my soul with joy and testimony of the plan of happiness that my Heavenly Father has for all His children. The hosanna shout. was. breathtaking. 2,100 missionaries all waving white handkerchiefs and angels were present. This I know. What a sight to see!! These are the last days! When I look around and see all the missionaries walking briskly and with a purpose, I know it's the last days!! Elder Bednar also said that we are healed in the temple. He also said that temples are the intersection between Heaven and earth. Then, all 2,100 missionaries sang the Spirit of God and I was bawling. I know angels were flying overhead!!!

After the dedication, I had an interview with my branch president, President Doman. He told me if he were my father he would be very proud of me! I know you are proud of me daddy! And I know Heavenly Father is proud of me! Also something I learned that night in the devotional was that the grass is not green until you start to love. In every situation.

Oh my goodness for a devotional a few nights ago three Elders got up to play one of the most beautiful musical numbers I have ever heard. One was the accompanist, the other was a pan flutist, and the other was a violist!! And they played OH DANNY BOY!! It was INCREDIBLE. Just imagine the sound of a pan flute and a viola playing that song.... BTW I am auditioning to play a musical number I'll let you know how that goes. And I SAW ADAM PACK!!! And Hermana Ferrell I heard you got the pic she sent, I've been getting all of your Dear Elders and I'm in pain that I can't immediately respond. THis has been the longest awaited P-Day of my life!! ha ha.

I was so proud of Elder Vanbuskirk, the one who eats donuts and choco milk and candy and ice cream for every meal, because he ate a sandwhich!!!!! And I got a pic of him eating that sandwhich, I'm trying to cheer the poor elder on to victory. Bless his companion. I love the Elders, they are my brothers and I help them when I can. 


So on our fourth lesson with our investigator, Lorenzo (who is secretly our teacher) asked us why we have church on Sunday and not on Saturday. He said that his seventh day adventists friends go on Saturday... And me and Hermana Messenger just said we would talk to him another time about it because we couldn't answer right off the bat. But turns out that was our last lesson with him sadly... I loved him!! I love my investiagors!!! After the lesson we studied up on this and it has to do with the law of Moses and the creation and other scriptures, see BD Sabbath. I will learn more about this topic and let me know what you think about it

I SANG FOR ELDER BALLARD!!! IN THE CHOIR!! He came for the Tuesday night devotional, which is broadcast on BYU TV- you can see me in the Choir BTW!! The other HErmana's said they zoomed in on me and my companion a few times!! Elder Ballard talked about the prayer that we will all one day say at the end of our missions whatever it may be. What will you say in that prayer? I want to be able to tell him I was a consecrated missionary and that I will be for my whole life! I want the Lord to accept my labors. Don't you? Elder Ballard reminds me of Grandpa Holley so much!! When he left the room he waved just like Grandpa does!! And I cried when he left, I didn't want him to leave. 

My companion has some native american in her blood about three generations back, but she says she is Romanian Gypsy. Her grandmother was a gypsy. She comes from a very humble background and she paid for her whole mission and her own groceries since she was about 14. She has worked hard and says she remembered feeling bad about dropping an egg on the floor when she as little because she knew that was money. Wow. I am so blessed I have no idea what poverty is. Thank you mom and dad thank you for everything. I will never be able to pay you back for anything. I love my companion so much she is the best thing for me right now. She laughs with me and helps me stay obedient and she loves me so much. I think she is beautiful and she has sacrificed everything to get here. 

Things are a lot different here at main campus than west campus. You hear so many different languages, Tahitian, French, Hungarian, Mandarin, etc. We are all the "Spanish girls" and we say Hola to EVERYONE and they just stare like they don't know who we are or what we said ha ha. At west campus everyone knew Spanish and everyone spake it to everyone. But I am proud to be speaking Spanish, it is the language of the Lamanites and I am PROUD. Our mission president pounds in our hearts that we are going to the Book of Mormon lands and we need to know the Book of Mormon. So I am striving to read and study that the most every day. 
I am so proud to be a missionary, it is very overwhelming sometimes the responsibility we have to bring the world its truth. This morning we went to teh Provo temple!! For a session!! IT WAS MAGNIFICENT!! It was the first time we were in public with our tags on and I smiled and waved at EVERYONE!! While in the celestial room I was prompted that Christ's Atonement is so timeless, whether you were born in this era or not, the Atonement is for all. God's love is the most powerful thing on the Earth.
Us 5 hermana's are in one tiny room now over here at main campus with 6 bunks, it's so fun!!! 

Pics to come soon!! 

Hermana Cook