Sunday, October 26, 2014

First off, the tender mercy of September 17th....

My companion and I experienced the feeling of love for another of God's children like we have never experienced it before. M, our investigator, told us that she is really a member of the church (just acting as a Spanish investigator), but all the problems and experiences that she has shared with us about her life have been true. We were prepared to teach her about the commandments for the next lesson, when we had a tender mercy from the Lord. She just broke down and told us her whole life story. And my companion and I just wept with her. And listened to her. And we mourned with her. Her life is falling apart, but you would never know that because she is the most animated and happy person you've ever met! She said she was tired of doing the same thing over and over again every day, and the only joy she finds is when she come to the MTC to be with us missionaries. She said this "job" at the MTC is the best job ever because she has at least 10 sets of missionaries praying for her everyday when they go to teach her for practice. She is dizzy every day because she is diabetic and overweight. Her husband has pretty much abandoned her, and he only visits her from his job in Texas once in a while. Her daughter is inactive in the church. She said that she wanted to take a vacation and go and die up by the "Y" on the mountain. It was so sad. 

And so, as she told us this and more, the spirit carried my words, and told me exactly what I needed to say, because as soon as I told her, she covered her face and bawled; like she was so grateful that I had said that. I told her that God loves her and that all her efforts are not all for naught. I told her that she needed to get on her knees that night and pour out her heart to God and that He would hear her. She had gotten up earlier that morning to make my companion and I some Mexican cookies, and I thought that was so sweet. She has had a special bond with my companion and I and we felt that when we taught her every time. 

After the lesson, my companion and I were a complete mess, we ran into the nearest classroom and bawled and stuttered out a few words about how we had never felt this kind of love before. It was like the sort of love where you honestly want to save a soul. We were experiencing the feeling of why we are really on a mission. And that reason is love. empathy. compassion. We cried tears of joy and thanked God for this tender mercy that he had bestowed on us that night. I felt so much for M, that after we cried in the classroom I ran into the nearest bathroom and vomited! I wasn't sick I promise, because I could have eaten a hamburger right after. I just was so overwhelmed with the spirit of love and mourning for M that things just came out.... We went to our dorm after that we wrote in our journals and cried and then went to bed.

And now... for the musical number. So after my audition they assigned me to play for all the new Senior Missionaries that arrived this week! I got to play "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" for the Senior Missionaries in the most beautiful rock chapel with beautiful acoustics just North of the MTC. (pic included) It was really an amazing experience and I had many of the Senior Missionaries thank me for it. I was a little sad that I didn't get to play for the missionaries my age, but all is well, because I got to do something EVEN BETTER! So we had a little extra time one day and my district begged me to get my violin. I grabbed it and came back, and burst through the classroom door whilst' fiddling!! It was AWESOME!! I wish you could have seen their faces! Soon enough, a few Elders from the other classroom trickled in. And soon after that, more. And more. And more. Until the whole classroom was PACKED with Elders- pretty much our whole zone was in one tiny classroom all wanting to listen. I took everyone's requests- hymns or not- and THEY LOVED IT!! 

Anyway the Elders were all just yelling out one song after another and pretty soon I was modulating two songs together that they had requested and it was just incredible!! It was like a bunch of boys on Christmas morning- you should have seen their faces!! One Elder, Elder Burns, sat right in front of me on the floor, "Indian style." I played everything from Tarzan to Frozen to Come thou Fount.

I am also accompanying a musical number for our zone's last sacrament before we leave. My district is singing and I'm playing a violin part to Come thou fount. It'll be AWESOME!! 
Mom I wish you could sing with me at the MTC when all 2,000 of us are singing- there's nothing like it! POWERFUL!! But there's no one to sing harmony with... I miss you and your singing
My miracle of the week has been about strengthening my own personal faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ's atonement for me. Sometimes God tests our faith and until we act and show our faith, we won't receive an answer or a confirmation, as Ether 12:6 says. 
Well, I love you all family

And next time I'll be in MEXICO!!! 


Hermana Cook!! 

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