Sunday, October 5, 2014

Running like a maniac!

FAMILY!! I looooove your letters and your dear Elders!! You will never know how much they mean to me!! Whenever they hand out the mail, it's better than Christmas morning when I get one!!! I love you all family!! 

Ha ha, so yesterday we had a lesson on stress. Our teacher made us go outside and have a race. I TIED FOR FIRST WITH ANOTHER ELDER!!! Ha ha. I ran like a maniac- in a skirt! :) It was so much fun! I was so proud of myself! :)

This week has been truly amazing, as all others. On Sunday, I leaped up to bear my testimony- in SPANISH! :) It was so fun and I was so happy that I could say what I wanted to say in Spanish! The spirit has told me over and over this phrase, "Hermana Cook, you know how to learn Spanish." I sit in class and think, "I can understand what they are saying! Almost everything!" Here I receive revelation. Here I receive the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues!! 

A few nights ago we had a Brother Schwitzer and his wife come speak to us. I wanted to share a quick story that his wife shared that was amazing! They were called to Siberia as an older couple. She said she had to go down a flight of 96 stairs (she counted them) with permafrost coating them, so they were more like a slide than stairs. And she had her luggage with her. She just prayed and took the first step. She felt hands holding her up like railings guiding her down the stairs! She testified of angels from the other side helping us every day in our missionary work and in our lives! We just need to look.

I have come to learn that missionary work is really all about love. I learned three things this past week that are key to loving on a mission, in life, and in our relationships: 1. "You should always speak the truth, but a lot of times it doesn't need to be said." 2. "Be the first to obey and the last to criticize. 3. If your companion sleeps in, be the missionary who has breakfast waiting for them when they get up, and not the missionary who pulls their sheets off. What would Christ do?

So two nights ago, three Elders in our district started vomiting out of the blue!! And it was the funniest thing ever. Everyone was trying to decipher what it was that they ate in the cafeteria that caused it, and we all decided it was the smoked salmon soup... yeah, never eating that ever. All us Hermana's seemed to be okay, but man it sure hit the Elder's like a storm. All the sudden we were sitting there in class and I looked up and thought, "Where'd all the Elders go?" ha ha. A few Elders remained, and after witnessing all the sick Elders running desperately out of the room, we all ate Elder Vanbuskirk's fruity cinnamon rolls!! We got so sticky with frosting and we laughed and it was the time of my life!! 

You are not going to believe this, but I was standing in the lunch line when Elder Wright, an Elder in my district starting singing that awful OBOE PART FROM THE "PHONE CALL!!" I wish I could sing it for you right now, I'm never going to forget how it goes now!! I was like, "What are you singing Elder?" And he was like, 'Oh, it's the song on the "Phone Call.'" I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING! It was the funniest thing ever! He kept singing it and I laughed all night long! This gospel is the good news and we should find reason to rejoice and laugh and have a great time!

Last night, I watched the Elders work together to give my companion a blessing who is sick with fever and a cold. The priesthood is the most amazing thing! It is so good to know that there are young man out there who willingly exercise their priesthood when called upon! 

I saw Elder Reynolds and Sister Soderquist!! It was so good to see some familiar faces!!

Mom I saw this mormon message and you need to watch it, I thought of you and cried when I watched it. It's called, "you never know." 

And now for the BEST part!!!! I MET AN ELDER WHO JUST GOT HOME FROM TUXTLA GUTIERREZ TWO YEARS AGO!!! We were on our temple walk on Sunday, and I had a feeling to talk to this dude in a suit and tie, but he had no tag on. He was so surprised to hear that I am going to Tuxtla! He said he is so envious! He said that you have never seen such beautiful tropical rain forests in your whole life! (He's never been to New Guinea though Daddy) He said the waters were just so clear and it is just MAGNIFICENT! He said that since he was the A.P. for 9 months, he traveled to every area of the mission and he saw some diverse places! Places that other missionaries had never even seen. Up in the higher lands, the indigenous people don't like white people and when he was there, they threw rocks at him. He said they only send sisters to the safer places, so chances are I won't be going up in the highlands to speak Tzosilk. He also said that he walks around the Provo Temple every Sundayso he can remind himself of his mission! He is from California and has been studying at BYU. HE SPOKE TZOSILK!!!! He named for me the 6 different languages of Maya in the upper areas of Chiapas!! He said hello to me in TZOSILK!! He was the one who gave me the last two points of the advice I talked about earlier. (the criticizing thing and the breakfast thing) Sorry, I hope you can understand what I'm saying, I'm typing like a madman.

I would love to teach here at the MTC when I get back, but I realize it's not possible because of the time commitment I have at BYU. The things that the teachers do here are incredible and they are all fresh off their missions. 

So today I am going to the consulate in Salt Lake with my companion and a few other Elders going to Tuxtla!! I think it means are visas will be ready soon!! I'm so excited to talk to people on the train! I'll let you know what happens! Today I would've auditioned for a musical number but I can't because of this. Next week. I'll keep you updated. I found an amazing Elder Burgoyne who plays the piano!! He sight read "A poor wayfaring..." with me and it was great! 

Every day when I put my name tag on,  it feels so right.  It feels almost like a continuation of something I did in the pre-earth life! Everyday I long to become closer with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! When my prayers are more sincere, Heavenly Father draws nearer to me. I just need to invite him in! 


I love you and until next week,

Hermana Cook :)

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