Thursday, November 6, 2014


I LOVE MEXICO!!!!!! IT IS INREDIBLE!!!!! WOW. I have so much to write!!! 

After a really long plane ride here, with throwing up on every single plane and all, I arrived in Mexico and then everything was good!!! No more throwing up!! ha ha I thought it would be the other way around!!!!

When I got off the plane it was so humid and I loved it immediately!!! After the airport, we went to the mission home and after meeting a few missionaries and having a lonely night with a Peruvian hermana I got my companion the next day!!!!!! and I love her she is from Chiuaua Mexico and she is 22. She is sooooo tiny we look so funny together because I´m so tall and white. We work very hard together. We got on a bus and rode to my area, Villaflores, about 2 hours outside of Tuxtla. AND I INVITED A GUY TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!! ON THE BUS!!!!! I´m not sure what he said after I invited him, but it was amazing!!! I also gave him a picture de JesuCristo. my companion was so proud of me!! She prompted me to ask him and so I did. In the past week I have invited 15 other people to be baptized and it has been INCREDIBLE!!!! Most of them say yes and then after we say a certain date they say they are catholic. "Soy catolica soy catoica..." But right now we have about 5 investigators who are going to be baptized!!!!

IT IS A JUNGLE!!!!!! AND I LOVE IT!!! Dad no joke I had the same experience as you did when you were in New Guinea... no joke... the third day here, we visited a part member family and the kids had not a stitch of clothing on running around and the mother served us this soup with an entire fish inside!!!!!!! The head and the fins and I sort of frieked out inside but I kept smiling. but it turned out to be the most DELICOUS thing I have ever eaten!!! Dad and mom you would have loved it !!! After we had to wash our hands in this water out back behind the house in this cement like basin fillled deep with river water I think and I saw  FISH swimming in it!!!!!! I just carry my hand santizer wherever I go. I am eating so healthy here it´s not even funny. Lots of fish!!! The members here cook the entire fish and get the skin really crispy and it is so delicious!!!!! 

We went to another part members house and I ate the entire fish minus the bones and it made the lady so happy that she started to cry. She said she forgot about the sadness of her children´s inactivity in the church when she served us the fish. And she let me have another whole fish!!! It was my pleasure, it was so good. I gave the lady a picture of Jesus with a nino in His arms. it was amazing. I know her children will eventually join the church. 

Other food here... this type of sauce called mole (it´s like chocolate with tomatoes and other vegetables) with chicken and it´s delicious!!! And sorry I can´t speak English anymore it´s weird. Also sweet pumpkin...mmm.. they cook it and it´s dulce. 

I understand almost all of what people say but I can´t say a lot yet. It´s mostly the invitation to baptism, my testimony, and EVERYONE WANTS TO HERE THE GIRL FROM THE UNITED STATES PRAY!!!!!! EVERY LESSON!!! AND I PLAY MY VIOLIN FOR MY INVESTIGATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT´S SO FUN!!! And I taught a music class to the ninos and ninas here in Villaflores!! It was the single most amazing experience ever!!! I taught them music in SPANISH!!!! I taught the note names and rythm and the staff and all of that sort of thing...There were a few adults there too, who learned as well. I fiddled for them and it was amazing. A lot of the kids here have music in their souls but they just need a teacher. I have never seen a kid that age learn so quickly to play the piano!!!! His name was Reuben Roberto, probably 10 ish! I taught him in like 30 seconds how to play i am a child of God and it was incredible. The children here sing at the top of their lungs and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I love the children here so much. It was amazing. They all call me Hermana Coooook because they can´t say Cook. 

Dad you should see the cows here!!!! or more like bulls... They are huge!!!! And they have big horns. They are hitched to this little cart and pull stuff aruond in la calle, or the street. 

Did you know that the tradition here is everyone kisses each other on the cheek when they greet each other!!! And I love it!!!!!!!! It´s so fun but probably not very sanitary. I like it because it really brings everyone together in a weird way. 

Dad. The people are so peaceful. And president george says it is the safest mission in Mexico because we have 96 hermanas here. It´s the most hermanas besides one other mission with 100 hermanas. I am the first hermana from the united states to be in my area though!!!!!!!! And also the fifth missionary in this area!!!! ever!!!!!! I feel very safe and I know I willl be safe for my entire mission. 

Tuxtla is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It is so gorgeous. Mom you would die to see the flowers here growing everywhere!! purple and yellow and pink and blue!!!!! Here there are no rules in the street. Everyone passes everyone in the street. There are no lines and I have only seen 1 policeman and he was just bumbling along looking lost. ha ha. It´s so funny. 

My apartment is interesting. The ceiling is falling down and so me and my companion are always sweeping up the pieces and the dust. We have a bucket and a cup to shower. It´s great!!!! I love it!! We can heat the water in this kettle and use that for showers. My first night here we swept up the apartment and then we went street contacting. I love the people here!!! They are so loving and I have never been turned down to go into their house!!! Okay maybe twice.... but hey it´s amazing

All of my dreams came true when I saw ants in the kitchen and la cucaracha in the bano (which btw we tried to kill for 30 MINUTES but to no avail until we used the broom) and a lizard on the ceiling. I wouldn´t have it any other way!!!! 

I also hear roosters crowing at night it´s great!! Here they raise and kill chickens to eat. It´s a little tough but delicious!! 

Also children sale the most beautiful bundles of roses IN THE STREET. LITERALLY. They go from car to car and from street to street saling roses. It is so sweet !!

Well the field is ONLY white here in Villa flores!!! I feel like everyone here is a golden investigator!! Our investigator Ivan accepted my invitation to baptism and I was soooo happy!!! He is only 15 years old and he got out a notebook and took notes when we were telling him about Lehi and Sariah and Nephi and Sam and Laman and Lemuel!! These people are just searching for the truth and we have it!!!! My cmpanion tells me that I give her an excitement and a fresh view of how marvelous missionary work is! I was so happy to hear that I am helping her and it´s not just her helping me with spanish. it´s cool because i teach her english and she teaches me spanish. she is pretty fluent at english but could use a little more help and so I help her. 

A few days ago we taught this family on a beautiful rancho, or farm. It was so beautifully lush and green. There were giant spiders ev erywhere, black and yellow and huge flying things that I don´t know what to call them. We taugh the restoration and it was amazingh. The spirit was so strong when I said the first visison, the light came through the trees with purple flowers, and it penetrated my heart.I knew it. I knew it was true in my heart so strong, and I will never deny it. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet and that he restored this church or I wouldn´t be here.  also testified to them that death is not the end and that they can be with their 2 tiny babies forever. 

Yesterday I bore my testimony in la casa de oracion, or house of prayer for church. I love the building it´s so retro and most of all i love the members and my investigators!! They are so lively and there is no judging here or jealousy. It´s so beautiful. My companion is so patient with me and she will explain things in spanish two or three times until I understand. 

I love it here and I couldn´t be happier! There´s no bank in our area so once a week we go outside the area and get pesos from the atm to buy everything. 

My filter water bottle that you gave me dad is working well and thank you. I figured it out and i squeezed it out once before I started drinking from the faucet. The water is a tint yellowish when it´s not clean. But i use my filter always.

Mom i love you i wish you were here, because i know you would think all of the same things as me about the people and the trees and the culture and the food!!!! 

I love you talmage and gracee and gabby start thinking about a mission now.


hermana cook 

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