Monday, December 1, 2014

Permission for Baptism

Hola familia!!! Le extraño!! 

I love hearing the people here pray for the first time, it is incredible!! We teach them how in the first lesson and then we invite them to pray at the end of the lesson. All of them say the most beautiful prayers. Here there are many different ways to pray. Memorized prayers, and believe it or not prayers similar to those in the book of mormon and the rameumpton- i{ve seen this way here and it{s a little weird. The people are not accustomed to praying the way we do, beginning with Heavenly Father and ending with in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Also for a prayer to be a personal communication with God and that they can say whatever is in their heart is foreign to them as well. 

When my companion and I have problems, we work together to figure out a solution. This past week our water in our house was not working for about 2 days, so we couldn{t wash our dishes (which brings in the ants like crazy) and we had to use or drinking water (in the jugs) for showering. We just kept buying more drinking water until we contacted a mechanic who came and fixed it. 

The young kids here are my favorite if you haven{t guessed... They are so full of life and faith in God and family is the most important thing to them. They have much respect for one another in the family. Well we have been teaching an 11 year old girl named Mirna for quite some time. She has a strong testimony and wants to be baptized. I have grown close to her teaching english too. I love her so much and admire her faith in the message we share. HEr mother is a less active member. Her mom won{t give Mirna permission to be baptized because she doesn{t want her to fall into a less active life in the church after baptism just like she did. She kept saying no when we were talking with her, but we managed to ask her to pray about this decision and told her we were aiming for the date of December 6th for her baptism. I just pray to God that he will soften the heart of the mother. Time and time again we teach the young kids here, but their parent are firm in the traditions of their fathers or in the catholic religion or some other reason and they won{t give us permission to continue teaching much less than baptism. Because i love the young kids here so much, it breaks my heart everytime this happens. And it happens a lot. In this same day, we taught 2 young kids for the first time about prayer and that God is real. I immediately loved them so much. Well we commited them to baptism, and just as the younger boy was about to pray for the first time, (Jose) their mom came out to meet us and wondering why we were inviting her kids to church. She went on to say that they are JEhovah witness or pentacosta in "their own way". Well my heart was breaking for the third time, but my companion managed to schedule another appointment with them. Jose prayed and the mom felt the spirit and I think she likes us a little more now. 

It will be my love for the young kids here that will drive me to fight for the salvation of their souls. 

I love you family and can{t wait to talk through skype.
Hermana Cook
Beautiful Chiapas!
The fruit I am holding is called a granadilla. it has a soft shell and you pull off the top and its a slimy fruit with seeds inside. Yum!
Look at that spider!  She's a beauty! I just need more of them so they will eat the bugs that are biting me!


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