Monday, December 22, 2014

Tuxtla Gutierrez Temple!!!

That's right family!! I went to the Tuxtla Gutierrez temple!!! Oh my heavens mom and dad I went to the temple and did a session in SPANISH!!!!!! Oh it was amazing!!!! Que padre... 

I think as a missionary there is always something to be learned from the examples of other missionaries. It's so fun to pick out the different characteristics of different missioanries and apply them to myself. One of our zone leaders here ALWAYS says, Que Padre.... And I love it!! It brings so much enthusiasm for the missionary work. If we get rejected by all 20 of our contacts in one day... Que padre, because we're gonna have more children of God to talk to tomorrow!! And que padre!! If we have problems with our companion... QUE PADRE that we can conquer them with Jesus Christ! If we feel like we're having a hard time, QUE PADRE that God is preparing something good for us around the corner, because God ALWAYS keeps His promises!!! And QUE PADRE!!! Wow what a life lesson to be learned from these 2 simple words. I want to learn how to say QUE PADRE even when it's difficult. Even when I want to quit. Because I have God and Jesus Christ on my side, I can say Que Padre. It's all about the attitude...

When I was in the temple I thought a lot about how my happiness and my attitude should not depend on other peoples happiness and attitude. If someone is unhappy, I'm going to try to be the light for that person.

I just have to do my best in everything, and literally I know that Jesus Christ will do the rest through the enabling power of the Atonement.

The other night we were in a lesson, and I felt the Holy Ghost working through me, leading me and guiding me in what I should say. I am certain that the spirit was doing some of the work. I'm learning spanish and the spirit is my teacher. I was talking to Hermana Hansen at a zone conference about spanish. She told me if I start learning all the phrases of the Chiapans they will love me more... And so that is what I'm doing. Que padre...

We have been visiting this family recently of less actives. It's a HUGE family!! ! We are talking like 14 kids running around in the street in front of their house. I don't exactly know whose child is whose... but I feel so priveleged to teach them. I feel something so special every time we go. It's like a feel God's presence just a little stronger with them because they are sent straight from Heaven above. All of them are around the age of 10 and younger. I just feel like all of them are REALLY children of God... It's so real. And QUE PADRE that God has sent me here to preach to these people here in MExico!! 

We were talking to the momma of some of these children and we invitied her to come to church. She pointed over to her house where there was an old man sitting in a chair, looking very old and sickly. She preceeded to explain that she has to tend to her grandpa, that he is very sick and he needs her help. She is the only one who can help him on Sunday. What are we supposed to do as missionaries in this situation... I just love her and we sang another hymn and shortly after we left. At first we didn't know that she was baptized. At first we thought she was another investigator because we had contacted her in the street. But when we went to teach her the lessons, she said she was baptized... and we were blown away. She has years that she hasn't been to church. 

There are children here who live in the street begging for food and money. The other day two ninos came to me and asked me for money. We can't give out money because it's a rule, but man alive my heart hurt for them. Also in church they pray for the ninos de la calle, or the children of the street. Please pray for the children here. 

I love you,

Hermana Cook





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