Monday, December 29, 2014

What better gift than a baptism?

Hola Familia! 


We talked over skype a little about the baptism, but there is more to know! Yesterday Mirna was confirmed a member in sacrament meeting. And the same night, Mirna was CONTACTING people in the street with us missionaries!!!!! No joke. One day a member, the SAME day a MISSIONARY!! Oh it was glorious! We had an activity where we sang Christmas carols in the central park here in Villaflores. And man alive we had a HUGE turn out with the members who came to help sing! This activity got them EXCITED ABOUT THE WORK!!  While we sang Hermana Mirna went out contacting, talking to people about the church. I gave her like 20 cards of El es la Dadiva (He is the gift) and she kept asking me for more!! Wow what a strong member she already is. I think we baptized a convert for LIFE! It is very safe to say that we will be baptizing Alondra and Octavio (the family of Mirna, her aunt and uncle) on the 3rd of January!!!

Contacting in Central Park

Let{s just say this week there have been angels protecting my companion and I.

God{s power is real and so are angels!!

Miracles are happening everyday like I always say. We have been teaching a younger girl here named Carolina for quite some time now. She has almost all the lessons, but she isn{t really progressing right now. Anyway we usually teach her outside of her house where her mom is vending hotdogs and hamburgers. And little did we know that all this time, her mom Fe, has been listening to all that we have been teaching to Carolina! And so we went the other night to teach Carolina and discovered instead that Fe wants to listen to us! She said lately she really feels like she is missing something in her life and we were able to teach a powerful lesson on the importance of attending church. She also accepted baptsim... wow lots of work to do.

I don{t remember if I told you about Fernanda, but it{s a similar story to what happened with Fe. All this time that we have been teaching Alondra and Octavio, Fernanada has been silently growing a testimony and coming to church!!! Well we finally began teachinger her because we got it out of her that she wants to here the lessons and be baptized!!! Fernanda is actually 19 too and she is almost going to have her second baby here soon. She has had a hard life but right now she is changing. We want to help her back to the path of her Heavenly Father. Fernanda actually came with us to the activity in the park as well, and she handed out 1 card of he is the gift to another person!! And she is only an investigator!! Wow I couldn{t believe it.
Angels in the Christmas pageant

I love you family and cant wait to send more pics of the baptism of Alondra and Octavio.
Christmas morning- Our gifts to each other!

Fiesta following Mirna's baptism!

On Christmas Day, we ordered pizza!


Hermana Cook 

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