Thursday, January 8, 2015

Are you angels?

Hola Familia!!

So we had two more baptisms on the 3rd of January!! Alondra and Octavio, brother and sister!! It was really amazing!! I was able to play my violin for the prelude music and for the hymns we sang too. During the prelude, I snuck in Ashokan{s Farewell and The Swan! And it was a fulfillment of my dream- to be playing some of my favorite songs on my violin, in a tiny house of prayer, just before two of our investigators were baptized. Not to mention the weather here lately has just been gorgeous, like a Paradise. I just felt so happy that two more of God{s children had made the decisión to change and to come unto Him. The Font was especially full this time, so full of wáter that when Octavio was baptized, the wáter spilled over on all sides, and flooded the floor where everyone was sitting!!! When he came out of the wáter he was just beaming and everyone made this sound like,  "ooohhhh.... aaaahhhh...." It was really neat. And Alondra... she is so ready to accept the will of the Lord. She told us the other day before she was baptized that she wants to enter the temple and do the work for her ancestors. She also wants to be sealed in the temple someday. After the baptism of Alondra, she bore the most beautiful testimony of Joseph Smith, the church, God, Jesús Christ, the prophet today, and the importance of enduring to the end. Wow. I can{t believe Heavenly Father allowed me and my companion to teach her. What faith she has!! She will be a converted member forever!

Take a look at how happy Octavio is!!  Like Brand New!!

This is a joy I cannot describe. All I know is that God is smiling down on all of His missionaries. During the talks on baptism, I looked up from the house of prayer (there is no roof where the baptismal Font is) and I saw the most beautiful tree with the rays of the sun lighting up the leaves. I know angels were near in this momento. I was just overwhelmed with the spirit. It's in moments like these that God witnesses to me of His Divinity and in turn, I offer a prayer praising God and thanking Him for my life. Us missionaries also did a special músical number with the words of Oh My Father to the tune of Come thou Fount.

We had yet another miracle this week. We were walking in the calle when we contacted a man. He started to talk about his life, saying that he has everything he could ever need but yet he feels so alone. He said "I am searching for a religión right now, and I want to believe 100% in God." And in my mind I thought, "Wow. This is a miracle." And so we gave him a Book of Mormon on the spot and invited him to start Reading it. We have been teaching him about the Book of Mormon and he came to church on Sunday. We met him on the 31st of December. And we are inviting him to baptism tonight, the 5th of January. I just can{t believe how God Works. Well we found out when he came to church on Sunday that he has actually atended church 3 times in teh past many years ago. And so, he can actually be baptized the 17th of this month!! We can{t believe that God is also allowing us the privelege to teach him. He is so ready and just desperate for answers. He loves the Book of Mormon along with the Bible, and has been studying it. His name is Cleofus.

P.S. They eat more jello here than in Utah! No joke. I've had jello for 3 days in the past week.

There is a member who lives here in Villaflores who served in the Tuxtla Gutierrez mission in the 80's.  You would not believe how many Cook's from Utah served here in the 80's.  It's no conincidence I am here.  This pic is one of the monthly programs of his mission that lists all the Elders and Hermanas.

I love you so much family!! Pray for my investigators please.


Hermana Cook.

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