Friday, January 23, 2015

Hola Familia!! 

How in the world did you find out?? ha ha. Don't worry. I am fine. Yes I had a little fall but I have been putting ointment on it every day and it's almost all healed up- it happened about a week ago. I fell but I am going to be fine. I have 2 more weeks on the crutches and then I am returning to work in Villaflores with Hermana Allende. And so for the next cambio (transfer) I will still be in Villaflores with Hermana Allende. But for these two weeks while I am on crutches, I will be traveling with Presidente and his wife to play violin for various devotionals for different missionaries. I am excited for this opportunity!  

I have become really good friends with an Hermana who is named Lulu. Her life has been so sad, but I was able to help her strengthen her faith and she is just now returning to the church. Here is some of her story. She lived a dark childhood and has had a hard life. Anyway, during this hard time of raising her girls on her own, she stopped believing in God. She couldn't believe the kind of life she had lived after serving the Lord in the mission field. She cried to the Lord for help but felt He didn't answer. She started attending a Buddhist group and she started practicing Buddhism. She said that she felt the members of this Buddhist group were more constant and true at practicing their religion than the members of the church were. I told her while that may have been true, the doctrine and the teachings of Jesus Christ are perfect. She said one time she saw a family happily celebrating Christmas together. And she asked herself, !Does this kind of family even exist?" She has been without a husband for 17 years now. She has problems with depression when she thinks of her past, and a dormant cancer that she fears will activate. She said that she fears the street, the sound of the sirens, and even the people sometimes too. She has had missionaries come to her house throughout the years, but she said that they combatted everything she would say with scriptures, and it invited the spirit of contention. I think she just needed someone to listen to her and her problems. And so that is what I did. 

Her house is gray and cold and rather lonely. I was happy to play the violin for her the other night, because it brought a smile to her face. Although she has sought out good things to do to keep her busy, (crocheting shirts, learning english, and making soaps) she has spent many lonely hours, months, and years alone in her house. 

After she told me her life story, I helped her set goals for her to return to the temple, one for each month before she will return. I also made her a card contrasting faith and fear. Her daughter Lizbeth wrote me note and told me how happy she was that I had helped her mom out and that I was an angel to her family. She attended church this Sunday, and promised me that she would every Sunday. I just pray for her that one day she can find the happiness of marrying someone who will treat her with the respect she deserves. I love her so much, and it was a miracle that we found her and her daughter Lizbeth. 

I had the opportunity to play my violin in a conference for Elder Valenzuela of the seventy. It was a really neat experience!  The spirit was very strong. Hermana Geroge (my mission presidents wife) and I have become very comfortable on the piano and violin together. It is a great blessing to have someone to accompany me. And of course all the Elders love to sing along whether they can or not.

God speed family

Hermana Cook 

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