Friday, January 16, 2015

Hola familia!

I love you guys so much! We were able to baptize two more people this week!!! Araceli (the girl from the rancho) and Fernanda!! They were both miracle baptisms! 

What happened with Fernanda was all a miracle. We were having intercambios with the other Hermana's when my companion called me from Tuxtla and told me that she had received revelation that we needed to invite Hermana Fernanda to baptism for this past Saturday. And when she said it over the phone, I felt the spirit tell me it was right. We actually hadn't finished teaching all the lessons to Fernanda, but she had all of her church attendances. So we headed over to her house (she lives with Alondra and Octavio) in the middle of the day and we gave her the baptismal interview questions. And the spirit flooded the room, and I felt so much love for her. I knew that she would be baptized on Saturday. She accepted baptism and passed all the questions. Shortly after we scheduled her interview and set up her baptismal program. And Fernanda was baptized Saturday, the 10th of January, 2015. 

Our other baptism was on Sunday, yesterday. It was Araceli. Her baptism as well was a miracle. We had tried time after time to baptize her and things just kept getting in the way. And also we never really had indentified what was holding her back from baptism. Well this time we went to the rancho and we asked her the baptismal questions again and then we just waited. and waited. It turned out she has a testimony and she knows all the answers, she just needs time after we ask the question to answer. We finally discovered that her fear is that she thinks she has to know everything before she is baptized. Wow is that not true. So we addressed her fear and encouraged her to be baptized and to not put off her baptism for another week. Finally she committed. We were filling out her baptismal cedula (I don't remember what it is called in english, but it's an important paper that they need to sign before baptism) and there was a lot of wind on the rancho. We finished it all (after much trouble trying to figure out when her parents were born) and the wind gusted and took away her cedula into the jungle!!! We thought it was gone for sure, floating down the river and lost forever. Well the member who was with us ran after it and came back through the jungle holding the cedula!! Wow what another miracle we witnessed. Araceli was then baptized on Sunday
After we found the cedula from the jungle, we were so  happy!

The past two weeks have been physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining. I felt like I had given almost every drop of passion I had and at the end of the night, sleeping never felt so good. There is nothing more rewarding than getting on your knees at night and feeling like you lost yourself in the work of the Lord that day. 
This is my district eating rosca for Dia de los Reyes in the casa de oracion.

When you think you have it hard, just remember your Savior Jesus Christ. He has payed the price. He knows. And like Jeffrey R. Holland likes to say, "salvation has never been a cheap experience." 

I love you so much family and with each passing day I pray for you. Godspeed.

Hermana Cook
Dia de los Reyes:  they decorate the streets with palm leaves and balloons and parafanalia. 

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