Monday, January 26, 2015

Selfies with the Tzozil

Wow!!!! Hola Familia!! I can now say I have run into the Tzozil!! For those of you who don't know, the Tzozil are the indigenous people who live in the highlands of Tuxtla. They live throughout the mountains in two areas called San Cristobol and Comitan, where it's actually a little bit cold. 

So I traveled up to San Cristobol with Hna. George and I bought some Tzozil made clothes (gorgeous- I will have to send pics) from a Tzozil woman who spoke a little Spanish. I tried to get a conversation going about the gospel, but she said her native language was Tzozil and that she couldn't understand Spanish that well. She was saling this skirt and shirt with a belt for 350 pesos but she told me she would give it to me for 300. What a bargain! And so I learned how to work the people down on their prices. I got a shirt for 200 instead of 250, and it was pretty fun. This all happened at a Tzozil market. I was with Hna. George while President was doing some interviews at the nearby chapel. I definitely know where we are going to shop when you return to Mexico with me momma... we are going to have the time of our LIVES! No joke this was a bazzare to behold! I felt like I was in the market of Zarahemla!! They had all sorts of beautiful colored clothing, blankets, jewelry, bags, and crazy indian stuff. It rocked. And I knew EXACTLY what you would have loved. I'm not kidding we could spend hours in there! All around me the girls dressed in Tzozil attire were talking in this clicky language and I was just surrounded by them in complete awe. They all just stared at me when I walked past. Ha ha I wonder why... 

Anyway the next day we traveled to Comitan (Sunday) so that I could play my violin in 2 different wards up there. And I MET THE GUY WHO TRANSLATED THE BOOK OF MORMON INTO TZOZIL!!!!! AND I TOOK A SELFIE WITH HIM AND HIS WIFE!!! ha ha. It was AWESOME!! They were riding in the car with President and Hna George and I. And so I had the whole car ride back to San Cristobol to ask him about the translation. There is an article in the Liahona Mexcio Feb 2014 if you want to read more about him and the translation. He has had quite a life of persecution for the doing the translation and even being a mormon, but it is the neatest story. He taught me how to say the book of mormon in Tzozil!! He told me that Tzozil is only 1 of about 13 different Mayan dialects that the people speak high up in the altas. I was able to play my violin for him and his wife, and they loved it too. Wow I can't believe I had this experience. He told me that only the doctrinal sections of the Book were translated, because that is what the church wanted him to do. I asked him if one day he would finish the translation into Tzozil and he said he didn't know, and that it all depends on what the church wants. He is such a humble guy, and I enjoyed talking to him as we traveled. His wife is a gem as well. Wow it was one of the neatest things.

The drive up to these areas is absolutely gorgeous. I have never seen anything like it. There are the most beautiful lush mountains dripping with mist and fog. It's like a dream. You just see all the Tzozil people walking through the cornfields and hearding goats. It is something you would see in one of those National Geographic Magazines that Grandma has. I hesitated to take too many pictures, because I wasn't sure how these people felt about some white girl flashing a camera at them. 

Anyway, I have become really close with President and Hna. George during this time, and it has been amazing. Presidente said he wished I could sprain my other foot so that I can stay longer and play my violin for them some more. Ha ha. He likes to joke. Anyway, President told me he wants to put me in as a Sister Training Leader in an area inside of Tuxtla! I coudn't believe it, I only have 2 transfers in the mission. But it's not for sure yet, but I will let you know what happens. I still might return to Villaflores. 

So you all are dying to here just what happened with my foot so I will spill the beans....

On the 9th of January I fell and sort of doubled my foot in the street in Villaflores. It really hurt to walk after and I knew I would probably need some help. It was a miracle that I got into the doctor for an x ray the very next day in Tuxtla. I got my x ray and was casted on this day, the 10th of January. I was told I would be on crutches for 10 days, and then after I would get a boot and walk on crutches for 2 more weeks. On this day I think they told me it was just a bad sprain. 

Well after the 10 days on the cast and crutches, I returned to the doctor. My foot was still a little colored but the doctor said it was a amazing how fast my foot had healed. (I call it a miracle) He said I wouldn't need the boot, and I would only need to use one crutch for the next four days. And now, today and yesterday I have been walking without crutches!! The doctor said I can go back to work on Feb 2nd. And I will build up my strength walking with Hna George, day by day. And I will continue translating for Hna George. She is still having trouble with her Spanish, and I translate just about everything for her. 


Love Hermana Cook. 

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