Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I am so excited to be here in Teran with Hermana Juliana!! The city of Tuxtla is very different than Villaflores, but I love it just the same. I have discovered a Little more diversity here in the city, and there are actually some people here who DON'T believe in God. And it psyched me out. I encountered my first atheist on the combie. (its a fast moving van that is the mode of transportation here in the city) He said he didn't  believe in God when I asked him and I was shocked. So I just testified that I know that God and Jesús Christ live. ANd I know it made him think a Little bit...


We baptized 2 people this week!! One of them is named Jose, and the other is named Anna Karen. Anna Karen is 12 years old, and I love her so much. We have a special connection. I arrived here in Teran at the beginning of this week and I was amazed at the knowledge she has of the góspel. She has a strong testimony and the spirit burned inside of me and told me that she needed to be baptized on Saturday. So we prayed right there in her tiny house if she should be baptized. I will never forget what she said after we finished the prayer, "Yo siento bien bonita y muy feliz." (She said she felt beautiful and so happy). She knew she needed to be baptized on Saturday. So we went back every day up until her  baptism and taught her all we could. She was baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday!! She has been coming to church all this time, although her parents are both less actives. She is strong and independent and she also wants to serve a misión!!

Jose is 19, and although I only have 1 week here in Teran, I actually have taught him quite a bit with hermana juliana when we had intercambios. He has had a long road of repentance, but I have seen his countenance change every lesson we taught. He was baptized and is now PREPARING TO SERVE A MISSION!! We are ecstatic about his choice to serve.

I am now in the same Ward as LULU!!! I hope you remember her. Well, I knew there was a reason that we needed to prepare her to enter the temple, because her daughter Lizbeth is enganged!!! She is getting married in May and we are working with Lulu so that she can enter with her duaghter in may. She has come to church every Sunday ever since she promised me, and I am so happy.

We found a new couple who are seraching for the truth. When we were teaching prophets, the wife asked, "So wwhere is the prophet today?" And were so happy because she understood!! And when we were teaching the priesthood, her husband said, "So baptism in other churches is nothing more than a bath?" Wow. They actually understand and it is the most satisfying feeling.

Well I love you family


Love Hermana cook

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