Friday, March 13, 2015

Hola familia from VILLAFLORES!! 

And he doesn't work on Sunday's now and so he can come to church!!! He accepted baptism and we are planning for the 28th of March!!! Hermana Buendia told me that I needed to come back to find Hugo. Because they weren't going to serach anymore for him. I think I know why I had to come back to Villaflores... I will let you know how it all goes. 

Hola familia from VILLAFLORES!! 

How are you family!! I am doing so good here in Villaflores with my new companion, Hermana Buendia!! 

We are working really hard right now to see the construction of the new chapel go up. We have to have 25% active members to construct the new chapel. We have a whole list of about 500 members here in Villaflores but only about 70 are active.... So we have A LOT of work to do. I would really like see the new chapel go up, and Hermana Buendia and I are going to give our all. If not, we will definitely open up the gate for the next Hermana's who will come after us. 

I reunited with my recent converts!!!!! It was the happiest reunion, but the most special with Hermana Mirna. When we saw each other in the street we ran to each other and hugged and it was so amazing to see her again!! She is doing so great and we have been doing her family history with her. When she turns 12 she can go to the temple and do this work. Alondra is doing great, and Octavio hiccuped for a minute with the missionaries from Jehovah's Witness but he is doing much better now. We have had a lesson with him since I returned and he is getting ready to receive the Melchezidek priesthood in the coming weeks. He went to the temple for the first time SATURDAY!! I can't wait to ask him how it went. Alondra's husband got baptized when Hermana Allende and HErmana Buendia were here together, and now they are planning on getting sealed in the temple in one years time!!!!!!! With their precious daughter Sandy!!!! I couldn't be happier. 



Also when I got here my companion Hermana Buendia told me that her and Hermana Allende had been having trouble with bad spirits in our house too. One night at about 11:30 at night Hermana Allende woke up and so did Hermana Buendia and they felt sooo horrified- fear and darkness entered the room. They got up and turned on the light and ran out of the house. They went next door to have the PResident of the branch offer a prayer for the house. Since then they didn't have any problems. Since I got to the house we haven't had any problems. We pray every night for the angels to protect us. The truth is when Hermana Buendia told me that as we were traveling to Villaflores together I was horrified. Every night since then we have prayed for protection and nothing has happened. Now I feel at peace and I know God is protecting us. I think Satan is not happy with the work we are doing to see the new chapel go up and reactivating all the less active members. 

We have found many new investigators just in one week. It has been miracle after miracle. We went looking for a less active member and instead we found her nephew, Marcos. He had so many questions, that by the end of 20  minutes we had taught the whole restoration and the book of mormon. He told us that he knew what we said was true, but that he doesn't like to commit. We showed up for the second appointment and he wasn't home. We are going to try a few more times and I hope that the spirit will prick his heart and let him know that he needs to act. 

Another guy we found who has been with all different sorts of churches. It's easy to do that here in Mexico because there is a different church on every corner. He knows the bible and loves God as do lots of people. We were teaching the restoration and he finally burst out, "What IS the true church??!!" We explained to him that his quesiton was the same as that of Joseph Smith. We invited him to ask for himself to know. He seems very promissing. I will keep you updated on him. 

WEll, I love you family and I pray for you and think about you often.


Hermana Cook. 

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