Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hola familia!!!

Wow this week has been CRAZY!!


So update on the Hermana Flor (7th day adventist)... We went to teach her this week and out came the controversy of what day is the sabbath day... Saturday or Sunday. She had a load of scriptures, but so did we... We explained as cleary as we could but she couldn't accept it. She says that since the commandments were written on a rock that they should never change or the world will stop moving and so will the movement of the sun. And because everyone worshiped the sabbath day on Saturday before Christ came she can't accept that it changed after Christ was resurrected and held the sacrament with his disciples on Sunday. We tried. But again, agency plays a big role in missionary work. And she chose not to accept our beliefs about the sabbath day being on Sunday.

Here in Chiapas there is so much false doctrine and false churches, and Satan loves to "stir up the hearts of the children to contention one with another" about Christ's doctrine on EVERY INTERSECTION.Literally there is a different church in every intersection here. We have to defend our doctrine with every single religion here. We have to be prepared to explain why and how with every person who says differently. It's hard sometimes because you don't always know all the answers. But the beauty of the gospel is that you can always ask for wisdom from God like it says in the first chapter of James verse 5. And God will tell you through the HOly Ghost.

So we found an investigator about 2 weeks ago who is named Geronimo. I don't remember if I told you about him. But the first time we taught him he had lots of questions (like Marcos) and we taught the whole restoration and the book of mormon. And he shouted out, "what is the true church?" and all that... well we returned to teach him this week and he said that he had read the book of mormon one night and asked God to give him knowledge to know what is true. Then he had a dream... VERY PECULIAR ... 

He said that in his dream there were 2 paths, one path appeared easy and pleasant and lead in one direction. The other path was like a jungle with obstacles that he would have to climb up and it lead in the other direction. Well, there were to "muchacha's" as he said, one mexicana and the other americana. They told him to take the easy path. Well he took the hard path. As he arrived to the end of the path upward, there was a box of stone in the dirt, and inside were golden plates. He was fascinated to find the plates and stepped forward and picked up the plates. Just as he had the plates in his arms, voices from all angles started to tell him things and fear entered into his heart and he became fearful. Darkness started to close in on him. And so he returned the plates back into the box and the dream ended. He woke up in fear and ran around and fell down on the floor. 
I asked him why he didn't take the plates and run.... and he just laughed...
This whole time I was thinking.... this is CRAZY!! Satan really doesn't want this guy to read the book of mormon. And so I explained to Geronimo just that... but he didn't believe me OR my companion.
We explained that the dream was not from God because he felt fear. We explained that the only feeling that Satan CANNOT imitate is Godly peace. We explained with clarity and simplicity again the restoration, and that something similar happened to Joseph Smith when he tried to pray for the first time.

But he rejected it all for FEAR. I can't believe it!!!!! 

We are going to go teach him again and see where it goes but my companion and I don't feel a lot of hope for the poor guy. He has the truth and he is going to reject it for fear!

update on Marcos.... He still won't commit to ANYTHING. He says he is on the correct path. Even though we are going to stop teaching him for now, I have complete faith that he will one day know and accept.

The other day we were walking in the street smiling and having a great time talking (my comp and I) when a young girl about 16 took out her headphones and basically waited for us to talk to her. ha ha1!! Elder Oaks said that 10% of the people you will convert will know the message is true from thet very minute you see them. So we made an appointment wiht her and are very hopeful she will accept. The cool thing is is that she lives, JUST WITHIN our boundaries of our area!!

We also had the activity and it was a big success,especially for less active members. I will send pics. 

I love you family, please pray for everyone, and that Hugo will one day accept the truth and make a COMMITMENT.


HErmana Cook 

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