Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 20, 2015 cow stomach and a constant sweat!

Wooo hooo familia!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALMAGE!!!!!! I love you my little buddy Talmage with all my heart!! Even his fire red hair and his little brown chair :) 

Here we are 30 minutes from Guatemala, in a place called Xochimilco, Tapachula. It is a little pueblo in the middle of a JUNGLE. AND THERE ARE RIVERS IN THE STREET!!! That's right, it rains RIVERS in the steet!! It rains SOOO hard here- huge droplets of water. And every time it rains it's a frog strangling gully washer. AND I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE!!! God knew that I would love it so much! And so to prepare for more rain (that the people say comes in May) we went to the Centro today and I bought some really good rain boots. I just forget using my umbrella because there is so much lightning and I don't want to risk it. Also here in Xochimilco it is SO HUMID that you are in a CONSTANT sweat. And I love it!! It makes me feel like I am working harder... ha ha. 

My companion is a little angel from Guatemala, Hermana Robles, and she just finished her training!! We are the second pair of sister missionaries ever in this area. The first pair was Hermana Robles and her trainer (Hermana Davidson from Arizona). 

We are constantly teaching Guatemalan's who are here to work and without papers. They are a God-fearing and humble people. We found a Guatemalan house keeper who works for the bishop in his house. We went and taught her the restoration. It was a little hard for her to understand, and so we are going back to help her. But what she did understand is that she needs to read the book of mormon and pray to know it's true. She also understands the way that her answer will come. 

We also found a little old grandmother who has been catholic all her life. Her name is Blanca. Wow does she have some false doctrine and ideas inside. And she talks SO MUCH. Well we have been teaching her and she likes what we teach. She kept talking about the Americas and the Mayans (who are her ancestors she says) and the promised land!!!!!!! She also talks about how she communicates with the "living Mayans." So we thought wow this is perfect to give her an introduction to the book of mormon. So we explained it all and she told us she would read it and pray to ask God if it's true. We also asked her if she had any questions about the church or something she heard from the gente (the people). Because here in MExico, they TALK. A LOT. A lot of false doctrine goes around about the mormons, and you can see it on their faces when you talk to them in the streets. The minute you say mormon their facial expression changes and they don't like you (ha ha only sometimes) So she told us about how she had heard all about how we practice polygamy. And so we explained it all to her and now she has less problems. I am feeling really quite comfortable speaking in Spanish. Most gospel stuff comes easy to me. Just like Pres. Peterson told me, at 6 months in the field you should start to feel comfortable with almost all gospel stuff. I will keep you updated with the hermana Blanca. 

My little compaƱerita is still learning a few things, and I am happy to help her learn. I love her. God sent her to me. 

This week we had the experience of eating cow stomach.... It was very interesting and to tell you the truth I did NOT like it very much. But I chocked it down and tried to chew as best I could but it was TOUGH. It was like you were chewing on a tongue of some sort that just wouldn't separate... The flavor wasn't all bad it was just the texture. 

We visited a less active family this week. Their baby was there on the floor in a little cradle as we taught the lesson. Then the daughter informed us that their dog had had rabies the day before, and so the doctor gave it a shot and all was good. But I couldn't believe that the poor baby was there on the floor with their dog running around that had had rabies. I still wouldn't trust a dog who got the shot.... because it was still acting a little weird, chasing around mosquitos... 

Well I love you family, keep pressing forward and STUDY the scriptures. Continue to LEARN the stories of the BIBLE and the BOOK OF MORMON. 


Hermana Cook 

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