Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy Pascua! April 6,2015

Hola familia!!! Happy Pascua yesterday!!

Wow I saw the pics of mom and Gabby in Africa and they are AMAZING!!! WOW!!!! I think they are having the time of their lives!! What beautiful people they are with. 

We went to visit an hermana who is very catholic and there she has Maria in the corner of her house. Well, as we entered, out jumped a ferocious dog from behind the door, barking wildly and so I just prayed and my companion and I ran for the door to leave just as soon as we had entered. Wooh. I was scared sick but then the daughter came out and wrestled the dog back behind the door. Wooh... Then we taught a lesson on the Book of Mormon. She said she will pray about baptism. 

Afterwards we went to eat at a members home and they asked me if I wanted something but I didn't understand what the something was, and so I said yes. Next thing I know I was eating cow liver and thinking, "what in the world is this?" It wasn't my favorite but it wasn't too terrible. ha ha. 

The other night we were at a mini store to buy some things, and there was a chamaco (teenager) buying beer. I gave him a card of "Gracias a que El vive" and told him of Jesus Christ. He just looked at me. And then he left. I think it made him think a little bit more about his life. 

This week we found an investigador named Violeta. She is a pschologist and attended church for 2 months in a row and she liked it. She is pentacostis. She likes to have us over to teach her. Well we taught her and her husband the restoration and the book of mormon and the plan of salvation, all in one week. They are very interested but they have SO many questions. Lessons with them are really quite fun! One of their questions was if we believe in hell. And from there we explained more of the plan of salvation. 

This past week they gave all the missionaries a pill that supposedly gets rid of whatever parasite you might have. Well I took it today and nothing has happened so far.... I guess we'll see. 

The families we have been teaching lately are having a hard time coming to church (hermana Pati and her family, Alexis and his family, and Ana and her family). The zone leader called our zone to repentance and told us we have to stop teaching every investigator that is not doing what they are supposed to and search for those who will. So this week we have been searching for the "chosen" as they call it. 

I love you family. I don't know about you guys, but what I learned from conference was the importancia of the marriage and the family. I really enjoyed Presidente Packer's talk. I think President Monson is a little down health wise, seeing as he only spoke once and he didn't do his normal jokes and laughing. But I loved his message just the same, and I am so grateful to have a living prophet and apostles. This had never meant so much to me until I preached it everyday. 

I love you family, and Godspeed.


Hermana Cook 

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