Wednesday, April 22, 2015

March 30,2015

Hola familia!! 

Hola mama and Gabby in Africa, and Dad, Gracee, and Talmage in the U.S.!!

This week we found a beautiful family very very poor. They live in a one room house of cement with a tin roof. The husband is 29 and his wife is 17, and they are about to have their first baby. They are named Pedro and Jessica. I am not sure they are married... We taught them the trinity (because EVERYONE here is SO confused about that...) but Jessica just couldn't understand very well. Well anyways we returned to teach them together yesterday but Pedro was really drunk. So we left. 

This week for the catholics is more like a party than Easter... 

Well we have been teaching a beautiful family and all of them excepted baptismal dates. Paula, the mom, is single but she has 3 beautiful children, Paula, Elis, and Oracia, or "Nachito." Well we taught them the plan of salvation the other night, and then Nachito offered the most beautiful prayer. He said, "please bless my daddy is really far away. Also please send an angel to protect my sisters as they go to school...") and I thought it was so sweet. It reminded me of my brother praying for his older sisters. I love you Talmage :) 

We have found another new investigator named Mario. Actually we have contacted him quite a bit because he works in a paper shop which we visit a lot to get copies and stuff like that. Well lately he has opened up a little more to us and started asking us why God never answers his prayers. First off we taught him how to pray, because he said he wasn't sure how but that he always asks God for things. Then we taught him about the Lord's timing and the Lord's will and gave him a talk on the grace of God through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We also gave him a book of mormon and we are going to teach him the restoration tonight. IT's interesting how we have been teaching him. We have to teach him in his shop and whenever someone walks in we have to pause so that he can help that customer. But I will keep you updated on him, because he has a lot of potential. 

Every time I share the message of the restoration of the gospel it is a blessing. It is so marvelous to share such a message unique to the world, and which I know to be true with all my heart. As we taught another little family, and as I shared the restoration with them, my heart filled with a grand joy, and I wouldn't have rather done anything else in the world.

The feelings that come from the spirit when you teach the restoration of the gospel are feelings that cannot be described. To know what it feels like you have to share it. 

For all of you who are wondering about my foot, it is doing awesome. I call it a miracle. I have had no pain since and the Lord has protected me as I walk. I give thanks to God for the opportunity to be a missionary every day.

I love you so much my family forever.


Hermana Cook 

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