Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rain Rain Rain!

Happy Birthday momma, April 30th!!!! I love you!

I recieved a package of Valentine treats and notes that I really loved. Thank you so much family!!! Also you sent me a knee brace and an ankle brace, thank you!! But I haven't recieved the backpack yet... it's probably because I am 6 hours from Tuxtla and we have to wait until the zone leaders travel to Tuxtla to have our packages from there. 

This week we taught Blanca more, and now she has almost all of the lessons. We invited her to baptism but she told us about the scriptured, one faith, one Lord, and one baptism and said she would be "playing" with God if she were to be baptized again. So we explained everything about the authority and the restoration and I know very well that she can understand because she is very intelligent. But for some reason or another she just won't budge! I don't know what to do. We invited her to church and passed by her house to go with her but she was working in her garden and washing her clothes (all by hand)... that fell through too. 

Our other investigator Rubi returned to Guatemala and so we told her before she left to search for the church and the missionaries there. She told us she would but that her entire family is very catholic. 

On Sunday we found one of our contacts and we started to teach her. She had SO many questions that by the end we had taught the whole plan of salvation and we invited her to baptism. She said yes but then started asking us more questions. She was fascinated to learn that before this life we were spirits, and that there is life after this. She asked us all about the spirit world and about the 3 degrees of glory. I realized while we were teaching her that we were only reminding her of the plan she once knew before this life. And she got excited as she remembered. 

When you are the missionary teaching all these things to the people, your own testimony flourishes, and becomes strong. You become extremely zealous for your religion because you absolutely KNOW that it is the only one true. Especially in Mexico where there are SO MANY religions walking through the street. It's like I have got to tell them so that they won't have to keep walking in error and so that they can have the blessings that we enjoy. 

Today we were walking down the street when a little niƱo was walking in front of us with his school uniform on. He had on his bright green pants and his white polo as they all use here. And it was just the cutest thing. I am going to MISS these people something fierce. 

There is a little rat that lives in our house and we have tried everything to get him out, but he is always there. One morning we were peacefully studying when we heard rustling from the garbage. My companion looked at me in horror and slowly walked over to close the garbage before he could leave. But of course he is so fast and got away as we were both screaming. One day we'll get him! There are also lots of cucarachas and lizards. They are all looking for shelter from the rain. I put my yoghurt on the counter for 1 second and the next thing you know there are antenas peeking out of the top and there is cucaracha eating your yoghurt! 

One of the recent converts here just recieved his priesthood and he is going on the ward temple trip to tuxtla!!! We are so excited for him. His name is Jaime and he is 17. The cool thing about him is he LOVES the missionary work. He works with us and we give him cards to contact and he loves it. He took us to his friends house to teach hiim the first lesson and it was sooo awesome! The members here give lots of references and there is a volleyball court next to the church- for that reason Jaime learned about the church. We get lots of references from playing volleyball with the members and the friends they bring. IT ROCKS!! 

Here in xochimilco they use combies to travel to the centro and back. Those things zip around so fast they remind me of that little bus from Harry Potter that shrinks and grows to fit in between the buildings. The door opens and closes real fast and you have to be on your feet!! ha haa.

Well I love you so much family!! We still don't know when we will be talking. I'll let you know. 

hermana cook 

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