Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tapachula here I come! April 13, 2015

Hola familia!!! 

Woo hoo I am getting transfered to the hottest part of Chiapas, TAPACHULA!!! Tapachula is literally on the border of Guatamala!!!! And I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!! 

I have absolutely LOVED it here in Villaflores, and especially with Hermana Buendia. It'll be hard to leave but at the same time I wonder what lies ahead for me right there on the Guatemalan front! 

Wow, many miracles have happened in just a short time. One night when we arrived to our home, we prayed for a miracle baptism before the end of the transfer. And this is what occured...

We were searching for people from the list of less actives when we found someone else, who had attended church for 2 months straight a few years ago. Her name is Violeta. She also listened to the Elders for some time when she was living in the other place. We found her on Thursday of the last week and taught her the restoration the next day. It was a beautiful lesson although she told us that all she could accept was the Bible. During the lesson I knew that I knew her and her daughter before this life... that was the feeling that came. 

We returned a lot and taught her more. She recognized what we taught from what she knew from when she listened to the Elders. We invited her to be baptized and she started to cry. She accepted for the following Saturday, the 11th of April!!!! We taught her husband one night as well, but he wasn't so accepting. 

Her husband told her that he could not accept Joseph Smith as a prophet. And do you know what she told him? "I am going to read my book of mormon. I am going to have MY book of mormon." WOW. We returned the next day to find she had read the introduction, the testimony of the 3 and 8 witnesses, and 1 Nephi chapter 1. She told us that she felt it was true as she read and that she was ready to defend anyway who told her otherwise. She told us that she knows that mormons are the most criticized religion and that she is ready to defend the attacks that surely will come. She is converted. We asked her if she would like to teach Gospel Principles in church and she accepted us. She is very intelligent. She knows God and the Biblia. 

Hermana Alondra went with us to teach a few things to Violeta. Alondra stayed a little longer to talk and teach, because we had to leave. During this time Violeta told Alondra that she is not married to her husband... Alondra told us later in the day, after we had everything ready- her white clothes, her cedula, her interview, the baptismal program, the talks, the musical number... Everything fell through. 

So we returned to tell Violeta that she couldn't be baptized. But I knew that she would stand firm because she has a testimony. She says she is so happy, and she knows that she will be baptized even though it will be very hard. I will explain why. 

Violeta will always be my sister, and although she can't be baptized until she either marries her husband or separates from him, I will always remember this experience that I have had. She is a psychologist and a teacher, and she works hard to provide for her one daughter. She has had a hard life. She grew up with her other siblings, smoking, drinking, and partying until she searched for God. She met a guy in the Pentocostis church when she was 28 and started to date him. Her mom didn't like him and forbid her from the house where she was living. And so she went to live with this guy. And now they have been together for 10 years and have had many problems.

I pray for Violeta and I wait the day when she can make the great escape that she needs to make and be baptized. 

I will let you know how everything goes in Tapachula. I leave from Villaflores tonight and from Tuxtla tomorrow morning. 

I love you family,

Hermana Cook 

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