Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Can we see a wedding?


Wow we have a beautiful investigator named Mariana. I don't recall if I told you about her. But she has now come to church, two Sunday's in a row with her four daughters, and the second time she brought her FRIEND!!! We are so excited!! 

Yesterday we passed by her house and she was READING THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!!!!!!! I about died and we quickly got in to give her friend who was there a book of mormon as well. We have an appointment with her on Tuesday. Her husband sales strawberries here from Guatemala. We told her the other day that she has to be married to be able to be baptized. So she went to Guatemala with her husband and told her mother-in-law that she wants to get married to her son. She got permission! 

The only problem is money....

But I talked to President George during an interview we had this past week and he said he could help us get her married, as long as she is keeping her commitments. He told me to send him a text when it looks like things get moving... He also divulged the transfers to me and so I AM STAYING IN XOCHIMILCO WITH HERMANA ROBLES!!!!!!!!! Woooooh!! We are both so excited to see the progress of Mariana. At the end of the interview President told me he loved me. He also told me that I am always so positive and that I remind him of a story... that there was a boy who was always so positive that his parents filled his room with horse poop for his birthday to see what would happen. When he saw it all he said, "WOW! There must be a horse in here somewhere!" 

We also taught Lupita for the first time, the reference from Jaime. She loves to come to church and this past Sunday was her 3rd time. She ACCEPTED BAPTISM!! Now we are getting her ready to get baptized! 

This week we found a less active woman named Teresa. She is AMAZING. She had 14 children and now she is raising 4 more daughters for her son and daughter in law who don't want them. She is 76 years old. I asked her what the secret was to raising children and she said, "pacience, love, and God will do the rest!" I was thinking a lot about that this week and I think it's true. We passed by her house to bring her to church but her daughters hadn't eaten yet. But she came anyway and when we arrived she was so happy. She immediately started to read the bible as we entered in (really late because of the 4 girls who got tired walking) and said it was her first time in church for a long time. The bishop didn't know who she was, and so we were happy that he was able to meet her. She has some heart problems and can barely walk but is the sweetest lady. I was so touched to see her sitting in sacrament meeting with those four young girls and I cried. What a work she has done, and what a work all mothers have done. I love you mom.

I love you family and I miss you. I work hard to make you guys proud, but most of all the Lord. 


Hermana Cook 

P.S: Enjoy the rain :) 

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