Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Is this really happening?

Hola Familia!! 

I just LOVED talking with you guys!! It gave me so much strength to push forward and love with all that I have. 

Apparently, the Spanish people love Japanese candy! She has made a lot of contacts by sharing!

Mom asked me in her letter what I meant when I was talking about the doctor here in Tapachula. He was supposed to be released as mission doctor but they assigned him ANOTHER YEAR. So, President and Sister George told me that in order to keep him happy, I have to teach his daughter violin lessons. ha ha. 

One of the converts here, Jaime, went to the temple with the ward and was able to do baptisms. He has really made a complete transition from his former life. He used to have piercings all over, he drank, he smoke, and he is only 17. But he now has nothing to do with that and to see him in the temple, smiling was really a miracle. We have been working with him a lot this transfer because he just barely got baptized, about 2 months ago. 

Another strong sister named Juanita entered the temple for the first time as well. She has been a member since she got married. She got married to her husband and then afterwards they were baptized. But then, overnight, he left her. So she left the church and fought all her life to raise her two children. But we have also been working with her this transfer and she entered the temple to do baptisms for the first time as well. It was amazing. 

We were teaching an older man and his wife. He was a reference of a member here. The poor old man cannot understand baptism or the priesthood. He has been listening to the missionaries since 1972 and he was about to get baptized several years ago when he suddenly said, "I will be catholic forever." And so we returned to teach him the restoration  (who knows how many times he has heard it) and he told us that if he would be baptized again, it would be in the catholic church.... ahhhhhhhhhh. I just tried to love the poor old man but mostly I just felt really sad that he wouldn't accept it. 

The other day I was talking to a lady in the street and I invited her to church. This was her response, "why would I tell you yes if the next day I might not go." I was thinking about her response that is very similar to many of the responses I hear in Mexico. I think that sometimes we have a fear of doing something good because afterwards we might fall or mess up. But for that SPECIFIC reason, Jesus Christ came to this earth. He came so that when we do fall, we can get back up again. I know the atonement works not only to heal us, but to ENABLE us to do much more than we ever thought possible. I have got to help these people realize what the atonement really can do in their every day lives, because they don't understand. 

Well, I love you so much family. GODSPEED. Listen to mom and pull out your scriptures, your marking pens, and get STUDYING. You'd better have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Bible before you think to step out the door and preach it. 

I love you family

Hermana Cook 

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