Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You think it rained?

Hola familia!! 

You think it rained there?? OH well do I have pictures to send to YOU!! ha ha. It rained and STORMED here SO hard that trees fell, the lights went out, there were rivers in the street, and we were WADING through the storm up to our knees!!! I have never felt the lightning so strong before that the hairs on your neck raise and you FEEL the electricty... It was like that blue guy from spiderman 2....

Well we have found many great investigators but none of them are married... We found an investigator named Mariana about a week ago, who has 4 girls and 1 on the way. She got together with her husband at 12 years old and had her first baby when she was 13. She now is 21. Well, she came to church!!! We were ECSTATIC!! We couldn't belive it. She accepted baptism. And then came the moment when we had to tell her she can't be baptized until she is married.

She explained to us about her husband's work. He vends strawberries from Guatemala and they only have sufficient to pay the rent and the the light and the food. They don't have more. We told her we would search for someone who could help her get married for cheap because she says she would like to get married to her "husband." The other night we taught her the restoration in her house but it was super dark because there was no light in all of the colonia. Her poor girls were all crying in fear. Her oldest daughter wants to be baptized as well, she is 8. 

We have another investigator named Grace who is in the same situation although she says she doesn't want to get married. 

But we keep wading through the rivers and searching people who are married and who are ready for the gospel. 

I love you family.

Hermana Cook

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