Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Can you say LOCO?

Hola familia!! 

Please forgive me about not writing last week. I will tell you what happened... On the Saturday before last Monday, we recieved a call from our district leader telling us that they would be taking Hermana Robles out of the area for special transfers. Well, this was very hard for Hermana Robles and me because it was her first transfer. She had spent 5 months here when we recieved the call and she loves the members here and the members love her. We spent Saturday packing her things and saying goodbye to all the members and we cried and cried and cried. It was sad... But President George has sent me another companion, Hermana Zamora from Torreon, Cuajila Mexico. She is full of excitement and I am excited to work with her. She will be my 8th companion in the mission... I never seem to be able to spend more than 2 months with one companion! But I am learning a lot from each on

Well here is the story with Lupita. She is 14 years old. Jaime invited her to church because they are really good friends and she started to come. She now has her 5 attendances and she came to our ward activity on Saturday night, it was a talent night that was very successful. I will send pics. She has many great friends in the church as well. Her family is very catholic. We have taught her almost everything there is to teach but her parents will not sign her baptismal cedula. I can't seem to remember what cedula is in english... sorry. But she has asked her parents for permission and they say that it is too fast to be baptized and that she shouldn't be playing with God. They say she needs more time. We have talked to her parents and they told us the same. Her mom isn't as stubborn as her dad, and we had her convinced until her dad came out. The elders came out to giver her the interview but instead they asked her if they could talk to her parents. She told them that she knows that they will say know and that it'd be better if she talked to them again herself. We talked to her about faith for about an hour but she doesn't want to get baptized and then be living in rebelion against her dad. I don't blame her, although I want with all my heart for her to be baptized I don't think there is anything else we can do. 

I just don't want her too much desperation that she stops coming to church. Our only hope is all the friends she has in the church.... that is what will keep her strong. Please pray for LUpita.

We have found another young girl named Aylin, 16 years old with a baby girl. Her husband is 29 and works in the marines. He visits Aylin twice a year. She says she is used to living alone. She lives in the house next to her mother-in-law. The story with her is  MIRACLE. We found her on the side of the street listening to rap with her baby girl. We contacted her and gave her the first pamphlet of the restoration. When we returned to teach her, she had read the whole pamphlet, and had found 2 BOOKS OF MORMON in her house.... God works in mysterious ways.... and had started to read the book!!!! We were thrilled and basically she taught us the restoration. It was a beautiful lesson and she has a lot of potential, the only problem is her husband... She came to the activity that we had and she came to church the next day. She knows Jaime and lupita because they invited her to church!!!! I love WARD MISSIONARY WORK!!!  I always thought inviting someone to church before my mission was a scary thing. Now I realize how silly that was. The worse they can say is no and that's it. THe best that can happen is they come to church and get BAPTIZED!! 

Mariana has changed. Ever since the day when her neighbor told her that the book of mormon isn't the same as the bible she hasn't let us in her house. And her husband doesn't let her come to church. 

Alfredo has disappeared. We can't find him and he doesn't show up to appointments or to church. We have had quite a few stumbling blocks but we keep going and keep relying on the Lord to help us find those who the Lord has chosen. What helps me is when it rains. I LOVE IT. I just stand there and think about how God has been so generous to let me come to this beautiful place. 


I don't know if I told you about the one time when we were wading through the streets of water when some lady that we didn't know invited us in to wait through the storm. We got in and wanted to teach a lesson but we found out later that she is Jehovah's Witness, and that's why she disappeared so fast after inviting us in. We just sat in her front room and waited out the storm but she was no where to be found.... Little by little she might open up her heart to us because we contacted her the other day and thanked her for letting us in to pass the storm. 

My new companion fell down the stairs when she first started her mission over a year ago. She broke a tendon or something like that. She returned to her house to have surgery and rest. She just barely returned to the mission, and she has almost 4 months the second time around. Although she has a lot of pain in her knees, she is a joy to be with and never complains. Her mother died right before she left on the mission the first time, and both her grandparents died when she was in the mission. Also her best friend from where she lives died as well. She has had trial after trial but I have only seen a great big smile on her face. President George and the Doctor here in Tapachula are worried that they will have to send her home for her pain that she is having. It is strong. THe doctor gave her injections to help and we have been going to the house of a member where the grandma knows how to inject. She has been injecting my companion every other day. We'll see if that helps her...

Well I love you family and when the storm is looking dark, remember there are blue skies right above the clouds. I love you and keep reading the book of mormon together. 


Hermana Cook 

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