Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Then came the hurracane

and after a week of sun, then came our hurracane. and right now it is raining TORRENTIALLY!! We had to leave our area to find a computer garage with internet, that's why I am late. sorry, but all is well. 

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hOLa familia!!! 

This week has been a little unordinary.... my companion has gotten really sick. It has been extremely hot here in Tapachula this week with an unbearing sun blazing above our heads. hermana zamora started to get really dizzy and she had all the signs of dehydration. i told her to drink more water but she doesn't drink a lot. she was really dehydrated and we went to the doctor. They hospitilized her and they gave her 4 bags of IV's.... It was really bad. I worked in our area during the day with a member (sarita) and then i stayed the night with her in the hospital....

The doctor was enjoying it because I taught his doctor vibrato the whole time were there... ha ha. luckily I had brought my violin. the doctor's wife made us dinner, breakfast, and lunch the next day. She takes care of all the missionaries that come to stay the night there. 

We came home the next day and she started to feel pain in all of her bones and joints.... that is how the chincuncungya starts. So we returned back to the doctor the next day and the doctor diagnosed her with the chincuncungya. he gave her one week of rest. and so since Wednesday i have been a missionary without my companion, and it has been really difficult. sara is an awesome member who always accompanies us- you guys know that because she is in ALL of the photos that I send. She has learned a lot accompanying us in the past few months but it's not the same as having your companion. so she has been my companion this week while my companion stays with the members, and I am basically training her... ha ha. 

it's been a little scary to be honest, all of this that has happened with my companion. I don't know what will happen, I'm just going to press forward in faith. I arrived to tapachula in the ideal time for the chincuncungya, it is a miracle from God that I haven't gotten it yet. It's only here in tapachula and along the coast of Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador because the mosquito loves the humidity. The illness is in the blood of a person and the mosquito is the transmitter. i now have a higher risk of getting it if the same mosquito bites me that just bit my companion... how comforting right?? but I know that God is protecting me and if i get it, let His will be done and not mine.

but the work continues to move forward here because God's hand is always near. Lupita came back to church on Sunday!!!! We were so excited!! She seems unaffected by her parents and I know she will continue forward in faith.

We haven't seen Cristian still, we have been unable to schedule an appointment with him until tonight. If all goes as planned he will be a miracle and will be baptized this Friday

i don't know if you guys remember Jose.... the little 8 year old boy whose parents drink a lot. Well, we taught him yesterday and his parents have finally given him permission to be baptized!!!!!!! If all goes well, he will also be baptized this friday. i will never forget one time when we were teaching him the plan of salvation and when we talked of baptism and the celestial kingdom, and he said he wanted to be baptized... 

aylin is progressing sooooo well. she told us she knows the book of mormon is true. she watched the restoration and was writing down quotes that she liked. she now has come to church 3 sunday's in a row. Her husband just came for vacations, and he came to church with her. they have had lots of problems and he drinks a lot. she told me that she wants to separate from him in order to be baptized. Because even though he doesn't live with her, he visits her every 6 months and it wouldn't be good to get baptized now and then get back up with him after her baptism. She knows she has to decide now if she wants to be baptized. she understands really well everything and I love her so much. 

I love you family don't worry about me.

hermana cook 

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