Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Would you give your life for your companion?


WOw lots of things have happened in this week and the least I can say is the Lord is protecting us, and angels are near. 

We have found a beatiful family of 7 that just showed up to church on Sunday :) :) We were so excited (exclamation point- my keyboard won't let me) A member had invited them to church and they came... We visited them Sunday night and it was a beautiful lesson. The mom and dad are both from Guatemala, and they aren't married (what a surprise) but we are willing and happy to teach them and keep them coming to church. THe little boy named Daniel learned how to pray so fast and said a beautiful prayer. You know that the people have less economically than others when they have hammocks instead of chairs or a couch. The husband is looking for work and I am pretty sure it would be very hard economically for them to get married. 

But we found a WALKING BAPTISM... a driving baptism... We were contacting a girl in the street when suddenly someone pulled up in a car and called out for us. We finished contacting the girl and went over to the car. He told us his name is Christian and that he had just moved to Xochimilco just before getting baptized in another ward. He asked us where the chapel was and at what time it starts. And we were just BREATHLESS :) EXCLAMATION POINT. We have an appointment with him this week and if all goes as planned he'll be baptized on July 3rd.....

We haven't seen Lupita in church for 2 Sundays... I think she desanimo un poco. We tried searching for her the other day but she wasn't home. She is in our prayers and we hope that she won't lose hope. 

Hermana Zamora is very special. She tells me that she knows her time in this life will be very short, but that she doesn't worry. She tells me that if something were to happen to her here in the mission, that I must go and talk to her family that she was happy and peaceful before parting. When she told me that I just went into the bathroom and cried. I have come to love her a lot and it was really hard for me to hear that from her. Afterwards she told me something that I will never forget. She told me that she is ready to give her life for her companions. And it made me think if I would be willing to do the same...

The next day were walking on the side of the road when a combi (van like thing that transports people) swerved over to our side of the road and I saw it before it came that it was going to hit my companion, Hermana Zamora. I couldn't yell or anything, but I suddenly felt strength and I was able to grab my companion and move her out of the way before the combi hit her. It came so fast I don't know how I else I did it. I know that angels were there helping me to do it. I didn't give my life for her but I saved her. SHe said she felt the air so close when the combi passed her.

We should always be willing to give our lives for those we love, because that is what Jesus Christ said. It is the greatest act of love we can give. 

Also when you know that someone's time here on the earth is short it makes you love them so much more.

I love you family and I hope that you are all doing well. COngratulations on the honey


HErmana COok 

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