Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hola hola familia!

Hola hola familia,

Happy fourth of July yesterday!! You know it's a little strange being in a different country. All of the missionaries down here in Tapachula were in a meeting in the morning (on the fourth). When we left the meeting, one of the Elder's from the U.S. shouted out in English, "Happy fourth of July!!" It was the funniest thing because a lot of us missionaries from the U.S. had not realized that it was the fourth of July. It made me miss my home country. I loved the poem that you sent me. Thank you!!! 

I'ts so good to hear from you mommy and daddy. I love you!! 

This week has brought many new challenges.....

We had only heard that Jose recieved permission to be baptized, so we had to go and check, right? We went and gave him a lesson and planned to come back the next day with the baptismal form so that his parents could sign it. I was sooooo excited... I've been a little antsy to see a baptism, it has been a while. We prayed a lot and I had faith that all would be well... but God had a different plan in store. 

We went to Jose's house and I had the baptismal form in my hand, the pen ready. We called out for Jose and out came his dad. Well, long story short he yelled at us. He told us to go away and stop looking for Jose. He told us that Jose is not ready for a baptism.

I was really sad, and it was a difficult for me. 

This week my companion wasn't able to work really well, but she started to work on Saturday. I missed working with her a lot. Right now she is doing okay. We will be staying another transfer here together in Tapachula. I hope that she will be able to make it. 

We have looked for Christian and haven't found him still... but we are not losing our hopes. We will find him. 

Lupita is still strong but there is this whole drama thing with her and Jaime and Sara (Jaime is the one who got baptized about 3 months ago and stopped drugs and everything). I don't really understand it all, but all I know is that they both like Jaime and they both just found out and.... it's exhausting.... ha ha (Taylor Swift) And because Sara always accompanies us to lessons she is always relating the newest drama. ha ha. 

Aylin has escaped her husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She left last night to Manzanillo, where her family is. He came to church with her yesterday, and then afterwards he went to drink, and she had to go with him. We went to see her and she was just crying. They have been together for 3 years and he hasn't stopped drinking. She has suffered so much. Her husband is the one who brought her down here to live with his family, even though he is never here because he works. We were talking with her on the sidewalk when we saw her husband enter their house really drunk looking for more money. We told her to escape when she had the chance. 

She went and talked with her husband, and well he let her go. I think it's a miracle, like in the Book of Mormon when the Lamanite guards get drunk so that the people of Limhi can escape. It reminded me a lot about that. So she left and is headed for a better life. We are going to send the missionaries to her house. She can be baptized now... :) Even though she wasn't baptized here, she is my miracle and I am so grateful to have had the privelege of knowing her. 

My companion really likes to cook and she has been cooking me all sorts of surprises from Northern Mexico. She uses a LOT of chile... Mom you are going to have to use some chile when I get home :) Prepare yourself to eat a salsa made with lots of jalapeños and cilantro :) because I have some good recipes to share. 

The other day we went to the chapel and we cooked up a big surprise for Lupita and her cousin Perla... She made "flautas" they are papas with cheese and better rapped up in corn tortillas with a spicy salsa on top with a side of rice.... wow it was so goood. My companion says that all of her past companions have fattened up. We'll see if that comes true with me... ha ha.

Even though we have been having lots of trials this week, I have been trying to seek out the moments of joy and laughter.

This week there was a group of niños playing futbol and they all ran up to me to ask me if I speak English...  ha ha. Then they wanted to hear me speak english and so I did. They all laughed and ran away.

There ball came my way and I simply kicked it to where they were and accidentally hit a little girl on her bike with the ball... you know me and my antics. Sooo graceful. I felt so bad but good thing it only hit the bike and not the little girl. My companion laughed the whole night about that. 

Mom you would be excited to hear that Hermana Hansen (the one who put pics of McDonalds on her blog) is coming here to Tapachula to be my sister training leader. I AM SO EXCITED!! Together we are ALMOST as crazy as when ME AND YOU are together!! ha ha. We'll see if she will come to Xochimilco with me :) 

Well I love you all family, peace out. 

Hermana Cook 

This is what happens when the Elders steal your camera!

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