Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rescuing Xochimilco!

HOLA Familia!!! 

¡¿Como estan?

I love you guys all so much. First of all I have to answer some questions that mom asked... 

Here in Xochimilco it's not a branch. We have a ward. In Villaflores it was a branch. But not very many people have been coming in these past weeks. Asistence varies from about 50-90 people every week. We can't seem to keep it stable. It's because there are lots of less active members here. I am serving in the oldest stake here in Chiapas, the Tapachula Mexico stake. For that reason there are so many less actives. But there are also many strong families in the church that keep our ward together here in Xochimilco. We have various priesthood holders, both young and old.

My companion is doing better from salmonella but her she has lots of pain in her knees and back. We went to the traumatologist today and things aren't looking too good. My companion has really lost her excitement to be here because she knows that they might be sending her home. I don't know what to do but to just keep working and keep having the excitement of 2 missionaries instead of one. We are going back to the traumatologist next monday to see what they say. 

Our area has been really difficult to find new investigators in the past 2 transfers. And so... our whole zone did something SUPER awesome!! Our whole zone of missionaries came to work in XOCHIMILCO!!!! We had over 20 missionaries and members flood every colonia of Xochimilco. In about an hour and a half, we had done over 200 contacts together (which is amazing because usually the streets are silent), had 28 lessons, 11 lessons with a member present, and I played my violin while walking in the streets of Xochimilco, and I discovered that I can talk and play at the same time. ha ha. So together with 5 other hermana's, we paraded the streets and contacted LOTS of people. Afterwards the whole zone got together and we sang hymns while I played the violin and we ran after the combis that were driving past and contacted all the people inside. I was so excited that in one of the streets we were walking (nobody was walking by) and I yelled out, "BAUTIZENSE!!!" (why don't you all just get baptized...) ha ha. It was A RIOT!!!! We were just like a bunch of missionaries running around and working so hard to find one soul who would be willing to get baptized. Well, after the hour and a half had passed, we were left with a ton of references to contact. We have lots of people to look for and we hope that a baptism can emerge from an effort like this. 

We had found 2 little catholic girls who were loving our message. Their names are Daniela and Adriana. Daniela came to church one sunday but then we went to talk to her mom to see how she feels about it. Her mom told us no. We taught her the restoration and tried and tried but it's looking grim with her. I think we are going to look for people who are above the age of choice (18) so that we don't have to have permission.

We have a ward activity that we are plannign called the "iron rod" and it should be pretty awesome. IT will be complete with an iron rod to follow (rope) and temptations along the way, facebook, food, dancing, music, videogames, and everything. WE ARE SO EXCITED to get this ward moving. 

Yesterday we gave talks on the work of salvation and we are planning to have more members that can work with us than just Sara. Today another member menos activo went with us to buy the treats and goodies for the activity. 

Yesterday we had a stake activity where they played meet the mormons for the first time outside of theaters. IT was really great, and a lot of the ward came to see it. I love the movie. 

We have still been visitng with Lupita but she says she doesn't want ot come to church because she is basically jealous that Jaime is with Sara. We are trying to help her out... but if the members aren't helping we really can't do anything. Missionary work is about the members. Because the missionaries all leave the area, but the members are the ones who stay to help out...

It's been really hard still with my companion, but I am trying to love her with all my might. Every week brings some new cafaffle that we have to pass through. ha ha. But I am learning a lot about the 24-7 forgiveness and asking for forgiveness. If you think something isn't good between you and your companion, TALK with them and ask them for forgiveness. If not it's just going to go on and on and it's no fun. Even if you think it's the problem of your companion, you get down from your high horse of pride and you ask for forgiveness... because who is really going to win in this situacion? And then if they offfend you and don't know it. FORGIVE them and FORGET it. Because living like that is no fun either. After all, isn't the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ faith and repentance in the Lord Jesus Chirst? 

I love you family, keep on keeping on I AM ROOTING FOR YOU GUYS HERE IN MEXICO!! 

Hermana COok 

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