Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ocean Pics

Ocean Pics

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Chiapa de Corzo

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! So the baptism.... was incredible. After 4 months of working in Xochimilco without a baptism, we found hermano Allan. We taught him everything in one week. He had read all of his pamphlets and had read up until the 13th chapter of Nephi. We invited him to baptism for that Friday and he accepted. When he came up out of the water, he just looked down and cried. I can't explain how beautiful it really was. 

The following day my companion and I started cooking. We did a fundraiser so that Allan and Cynthia can get a civil marriage. They have all the papers accept for one that comes from Honduras, and it costs 2,000 pesos, about 150-200 dollars. We cooked a Mexican dish and saled to all of the missionaries of our zone and the members.... by the end of the day we gave 2,000 pesos to Allan and Cynthia so that they can get that paper from Honduras and afterwards get married. They were both crying and Allan said that the money had come out of God's hands. Hermana Cynthia told me thank you for making her dream come true, and that one day that are going to be sealed in the temple. 

The story is really quite beautiful. I mean, who else just walks in and wants to claim the baby that you had with another guy, get baptized, get a paper from Honduras, and get married civiliy? Only someone with that desire and someone who wants to follow God. 

Well, as you know I got transfered to Chiapa de Corzo and so I don't know if they got married but I am keeping in contact with the members over there who will let me know. Hermana Zamora is still in the mission, president transfered the two of us out of the area and put in Elders... I am not sure why president didn't send my comp home. 

I love my new companion Hermana Mendez. We arrived to the area with President late Tuesday night, and the house was a MESS. We are the first hermana's to be in this area, before it was just elders... and it showed by the house.... there was egg shells, cutips, clothes, food from WHO KNOWS where, and all of the tables were sooooo sticky. And the bathroom... i will not even start. When president saw the house he asked us if we wanted to return to the mission home... ha ha.

So we are just trying to get a feel for the area, there are lots of mountains and climbs. The area is rich and I am missing the humility (and humidity!)  from my other areas. It's not as humid here because we are not on the border. But I still love the people, and the ward has the same asistence as Xochimilco... needs a lot of help. 

We have found lots of new investigators, including a family who have lots of desires to change, and so we will see how they progress. 

My companion knows her scriptures, and is ALWAYS whipping them out... it ROCKS. She is not as in shape as I though... ha ha just kidding. she is not acostmed to the heat because where she is from it's cold. I feel priveleged to train her because she was the only hermana who came to the mission this transfer, along with one other hermana from peru. 

Well I love you family, and happy back to school

Hermana Cook 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello Family

i will write about the baptism next week 

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 6:13 PM, Sariah Cook <> wrote:
Hello family, I'm so sorry I wasn't able to write yesterday, I was on a bus for 7 hours traveling. I am getting transfered to Chiapa de Corzo and I am opening a new area and I will be training my new companion from Guatemala, 20 years old.

I love you and know that the Lord always complies with His promises. 


I love you family

Hermana Cook 

p.s. we had our baptism :) 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel!

OH and we went to the MEXICAN BEACH for a MISSIONARY ACTIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ROCKED MY WORLD!! President gave us permission to wade in up to our knees, and i was LOVING it. But this ocean was CRAZY!! With those waves, one could go surfing! Every time a wave came all the hermana's screamed and we had the time of our life. IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING President and Hermana George were just enjoying their time all casual on higher ground. Well when they looked the other way, a big old wave came and SOAKED their shoes and pants... I laughed so hard.

We ate shrimp cocktails and i was in PARADISE!! The Elders starting to fight arm wars under the tiki huts and it was really really amusing. I loved it. They wanted me and another hermana to fight too but the other hermana wouldn't accept... ha ha. 

I will send you pics next week, my camera is in the temple in Tuxtla right now. A brother in the ward works in Tuxtla a lot and is going to stop by and bring my camera to me. I will send pics of the beach next week. IT WAS A RIOT!!!!!!!!!!! 

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 5:04 PM, Sariah Cook <> wrote:
Hola Familia!!

My companion is doing a lot better. I know that your prayers are reaching us. We were able to work this week!!!! My companion is walking.... 

Mom you are an angel for sending so many hot patches because my companion needs them and I have been applying them to her knee almost every night so that she can sleep. They don't sale anything like that here.

The truth is- my money from my Zion's account has been disappearing because I have been paying all of the medical expenses for my companion. She didn't have the money to pay them. Her dad doesn't support her in the mission and the only one who sometimes sends her money is her aunt. 

This week we recieved the miracle that we have been waiting for. Besides the fact that my companion is on her feet and healthy, we have FOUND AN INVESTIGATOR!!!!!! We found an hermano whose name is Allan. He is the boyfriend of a member.... He came to church last Sunday and yesterday with her... And when investigators come to church.... THEY ARE CHOSEN!!! We went to teach him the other day and HE ACCEPTED BAPTISM FOR THIS FRIDAY THE 15TH!!!!! We are just ECSTATIC!!!! It will be a baptism with the whole zone called "white night." Every pair of missionaries will be baptizing this Friday in the zone, and it will be held in the stake center. 

Before meeting his girlfriend who is a member, he had attended our church with one of his friends, and he had grown to like it a lot, but never baptized. He told us that he feels an excitement, and he feels so happy. He told us he wants to learn more. We left him with the book of mormon and we will be teaching him every day of this week to prepare him for baptism on Friday

His girlfriend has a baby. She had a baby with another hermano about 6 months ago but she has never seen the guy again. So... Allan showed up, wants to get his papers, claim the baby, get baptized, get married, and then get married in the TEMPLE with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allan is from Honduras. His mother died and his father- who knows where he is. So Allan came to Mexico for work and in the process met Cynthia (his girlfriend). Ayyy we are so happy.

We went to the temple- a temple trip over night Friday and we were in the temple all day Saturday. Oh how have I missed the temple! I recieved a lot of peace that I was looking for and I felt very close to my Savior. 

A little peace of Villaflores is living RIGHT HERE in Xochimilco! It turns out that one of the members that I had become close to in Villaflores named Citlali came to visit her mother-in-law who lives here. Her is really sick, and Citlali came to care for her. They just put in a little machine thing in her stomach through which they give her food. Her name is Abigail and she is a member of the church, but her husband and one of her daughter's is not. We hope that this difficult experience will bring them to accept the gospel. And in the mean time sister citlali keeps me updated on how goes the branch in villaflores. She says it hasn't really changed since I left, and that the Hermana Cook who is there right now is struggling with Spanish a lot. But it was really a beautiful reunion to see someone that I love from Villaflores here. She has two little daughters as well who i love.

Last night we went to visit them and it started to strom really strong. We left their house to go look for a less active sister.... It was raining sooo hard and a lightning struck RIGHT by our side... I had another one of those slo-motion experiences...I saw the light- it was an electric blue. And I felt the energy in the ground. My companion was behind me when it struck and we started to run to the nearest member's house but they weren't home. We were pounding the door to let us in but they weren't home. We were looking for the nearest combi to get home fast (we were the only looney tunes in all the streets) when another lightning struck right above our heads. The thunder followed so quickly and so intensly that I couldn't even count one one thousand... two one thousand.... like dad always taught me. I really thought we were going to be struck. When we finally got in a combi and made it to the house I fell to my knees and cried and thanked God for sparing us from dying. 

God's power and wrath is real. He sends it to those who are iniquos, like he always has and like we always read in the book of mormon. I believe that when the people are living wickedly God sends his wrath by sending storms and diseases (chikuncungya) ja ja so that the people start repenting.... 

I keep learning TONS with my compaƱerita and mom's right.... things beyond just the mission. Things that will help me for the rest of my life. 

I love you family. Please pray for us and for our investigator that he can be baptized.


Hermana Cook