Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chiapa de Corzo

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! So the baptism.... was incredible. After 4 months of working in Xochimilco without a baptism, we found hermano Allan. We taught him everything in one week. He had read all of his pamphlets and had read up until the 13th chapter of Nephi. We invited him to baptism for that Friday and he accepted. When he came up out of the water, he just looked down and cried. I can't explain how beautiful it really was. 

The following day my companion and I started cooking. We did a fundraiser so that Allan and Cynthia can get a civil marriage. They have all the papers accept for one that comes from Honduras, and it costs 2,000 pesos, about 150-200 dollars. We cooked a Mexican dish and saled to all of the missionaries of our zone and the members.... by the end of the day we gave 2,000 pesos to Allan and Cynthia so that they can get that paper from Honduras and afterwards get married. They were both crying and Allan said that the money had come out of God's hands. Hermana Cynthia told me thank you for making her dream come true, and that one day that are going to be sealed in the temple. 

The story is really quite beautiful. I mean, who else just walks in and wants to claim the baby that you had with another guy, get baptized, get a paper from Honduras, and get married civiliy? Only someone with that desire and someone who wants to follow God. 

Well, as you know I got transfered to Chiapa de Corzo and so I don't know if they got married but I am keeping in contact with the members over there who will let me know. Hermana Zamora is still in the mission, president transfered the two of us out of the area and put in Elders... I am not sure why president didn't send my comp home. 

I love my new companion Hermana Mendez. We arrived to the area with President late Tuesday night, and the house was a MESS. We are the first hermana's to be in this area, before it was just elders... and it showed by the house.... there was egg shells, cutips, clothes, food from WHO KNOWS where, and all of the tables were sooooo sticky. And the bathroom... i will not even start. When president saw the house he asked us if we wanted to return to the mission home... ha ha.

So we are just trying to get a feel for the area, there are lots of mountains and climbs. The area is rich and I am missing the humility (and humidity!)  from my other areas. It's not as humid here because we are not on the border. But I still love the people, and the ward has the same asistence as Xochimilco... needs a lot of help. 

We have found lots of new investigators, including a family who have lots of desires to change, and so we will see how they progress. 

My companion knows her scriptures, and is ALWAYS whipping them out... it ROCKS. She is not as in shape as I though... ha ha just kidding. she is not acostmed to the heat because where she is from it's cold. I feel priveleged to train her because she was the only hermana who came to the mission this transfer, along with one other hermana from peru. 

Well I love you family, and happy back to school

Hermana Cook 

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