Friday, August 7, 2015

Streets of Mexico


This week has been full of lessons in the streets. We have been searching out all of those references that the missionaries gave us when they came to work in our area. We contacted about 15 of them and then looked for more in the street. I think we sang I am a Child of God 22 times in the street. IT WAS A BLAST!! 

Last night we had a lesson with 2 sisters, less actives. I called them to repentance... The spirit prompted me to do it. They haven't been praying nor reading their scriptures, and they just hang out in this mini shop the whole day long. I felt a little bit like Sameul the Lamanite, because I don't even know if they were listening to me. Every time a car passed in the street, they turned around to see... who knows who they are looking for. I just hope something touched their heart and that they will start to come to church again. But it's hard when they are in that little mini shop 24-7.

We have found varios new investigators this week and we worked super hard. In one day we were able to teach about 10 lessons and we felt super satisfied. One of them is named Hermana Rosy and she says she is half way through the book of mormon!! We are going to pass by for her on Sunday to bring her to church. She says no to baptism because she is catholic. But we are going to help her understand that if she knows that the book of mormon is true, she has got it all in the bag. Because then she knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet because he translated the book. Then she will know that we have a prophet today with that same priesthood authority that Christ had. And then she will know that this church is the ONLY church that posesses that authority to baptize. Then she will WANT to be baptized because she will finally understand CORRECT doctrine. Then she will know that this church is the kingdom of God on Earth and that we are preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ. I love the introduction of the Book of Mormon because it explains all that SUPER clear. 

We found another investigator named Saidi that has been to our church before. She says no to baptism as well because she got baptized in another church about 2 years ago and then she turned away from the things of God. And so she is hesitant to recieve another baptism. And one thing that the people LOVE to say here is, "I am baptized in the catholic church and I can't be playing around with God." And so they don't want to get baptized. And then they pull out that scripture about the one faith and one baptism and one Lord... It's great. ha ha. We just try to help them understand the priesthood becuase then they will understand why it's important to have a VALID BAPTISM. 

We are working hard and I know that God will help us in this great endeavor of finding someone who has the desire.

We had the ward activity and it was pretty awesome. Everyone started out on the "iron rod" but we had varios rooms of "temptations." We had facebook in one room, video games in another, food and music in another room, and it WAS AWESOME!! One little hermano saw the computers and said to his friend, "Oh, I have to check my email," and he left the iron rod and went straight to the computer...  ha ha. Another little guy saw the videogame and didn't even think twice. Then us missionaries started tempting everyone with the food and everyone started to trace their steps on the iron rod... it was AWESOME. Lots of obscurity and confusion.. ha ha only about 5 made it to the "celestial kingdom." We had it all set up like the tree of life and we had a little devotional in there with chocolates and singing "hold to the rod." Then we brought in the other hermanos who had gone astray eating nachos and all sorts of treats and we told them "look. this is what you could have had." ha ha. It was so much fun and it taught a great lesson. 

My companion is still the same pain wise, and we go in tomorrow or Wednesday to see what the traumotologist says about her situation. President is worried she will go home.

I love you family,

Hermana Cook 

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