Tuesday, September 1, 2015


hola familia!!

we are doing great here in the new area :) I love my new companion and we are getting along really well.

So we have about 4 or 5 colonias (little towns) outside of our main town that are part of our area. We set foot in one of them called "refugio" to eat with a member who lives there. It was the first time that hermana's from the church have set foot there. It was beautiful... the hermana that we ate with was a preacher for the pentacost church for 21 years. Her story is AMAZING. She says the earliest memories she has is preaching the gospel in the streets and all the people would gather around to hear. She said that as she grew she learned the bible from cover to cover. She said that when you enter the doors of the pentacost church, you just get down on your knees and start to pray for 1 hour. Everything is completely silent, and if there is a baby crying or making any type of noise, you have to leave or they will escort you out.

She said that they went to a pentacost event with some Chinese people and a bunch of pentacost-goers. ha ha. As you know, in the pentacost church they are all about the holy ghost, and when they touch your head you have to fall over like you were "influenced." ha ha I had a pentacost lady tell me once in the street, "oh how i would LOVE to have you FEEL the holy ghost..." ayyy no... weird. And so the pentacost hermana said to herself, i am going to see if i really FEEL the holy ghost when they come by to touch my head... when they got to her, she just stood there because she didn't feel anything... all of the people cuaght in the act of falling to the floor... so she resigned as a preacher and her son started taking her to our church. she loved it, and within 2 months the elders had her convinced and she was baptized. She has been through the temple. she also told us that she loves the bible more than the book of mormon.

So this week we found a little hermanito named Justo, but he told us to call him "colocho." ha ha. we laughed so much. this little guy is on fire! he loves what we teach him. he asks meaningful questions, like, was satan disguised as a serpent in the garden of eden? he is catholic and loves to go to church. but he accepted a baptismal date for the 10th of october and asked us what he needs to do to be able to be baptized. he wants us to stop by to teach him every day. he told us that when he was little he wrote and sang songs to worship God and would sing them to Him through his window. it touched my heart and really he would make a great mormon. i think he is about 12 years old. 

My poor former companion is in the hospital again.......bit by a scorpion!

the family who we found... well turns out the dad drinks a lot but the wife wants to be baptized. she said she is willign to be the first in her family to be baptized. it is so beautiful lessons with her because she accepts everything we say like a little child. she has a lot of faith and knows it's true.

Hermana Zamora made these for my birthday!

thannks for the birthday wishes! i also went on that rope swing SUPER HIGH at the wilkonson's, only we went earlier in the year and the water was FREEZING. but it gave me a heart attack but i loved it. 

dad i get reminded of your mission stories all the time- in my othér area, they were always asking me to make brownies,  i made quite a few batches. and there are machetes to clean out all the grass- like those bush knives and they croutch down to cut the grass

an hermano of the ward told me that the grand river here is the river sidon and that captain moroni martched through these hills and i believe him :)

i love you family,

hermana cook 

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