Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mexico City Temple

This week they rededicated the temple of Mexico City and we went to see it broadcasted live!! It was AWESOME!
I liked something that one of the setenta said. Some foreign dignatory came to see it in the open house and asked the setenta, "where is the sacrifice?"
The setenta then explained the sacrifices that we as latter day saints offer to go to the temple. He explained a Little about the law of Moses and how it changed when Christ came. It was really neat. Elder Holland started his talk in spanish and I LOVED IT! He spoke great spanish and talked about the sealing keys that Elijah restored. Before, all the saints in Mexico had to go to the temple in Mesa Arizona to be sealed, but now there are temples in the whole country of Mexico.
We have been working with Colocho, and turns out that his mom LOVES to listen too. IT was really neat. She said she is going to buy a skirt to come to church this Sunday! The two of them accepted a baptismal date. I played the violin for them and Colocho's face lit right up and he was intrigued. I let him play my violin. This violin has become really special for me because I let all the MExican children touch the bow hair and play it and everything... ha ha. They are really chosen of the Lord and we are excited to work with them.
More than anything my companion and I have been getting in the doors of some hermana's who are less actives. There are lots of problems in this Ward with everybody gossiping and offending and so we have been teaching and doing what we can. 4 of the less active hermana's have invited us over to eat or have dessert on P-day... we are gaining an AWESOME relationship with them.
We had an activity in the park in Chiapa de Corzo this week. I played my violin and the other hermana's of our zone contacted. IT was really beautiful and the hermana's of Chiapa de Corzo have lots of people to visit now :)
I love you mommy, que el Señor le bendiga mientras no este Papa.
Vaya con Dios y Hurrah for Israel!!! Pray for my compa because she hasn't gotten better even though she recieved a blessing.
HErmana COok
p.s. the bishop LOVES having us in his Ward, he says we are his angels and that we can help unite the Ward. His wife is a sweetheart and her sons preach with us. THey are always inviting us over to eat or to have some exotic fruit.

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