Sunday, September 27, 2015

White shirt and tie :)

Guess who came to church with a White shirt and tie? COLOCHO!! We were so excited to see him. He is only 8 years old and came to church! We stopped by for him and rode to church with a member. He LOVED it and guessed and asked me afterwards the requirements to serve  a misión! Everything was a success. His mom wanted to come with him, but she has chincunguya and is very sick right now. We hope she gets better and can come with us this coming Sunday. The two of them are progressing very nicely.
This week they opened a chapel near by and my companion and I went to teach along with other missionaries at the open house. It was a really neat experience. We taught the plan of salavation and we had 5 investigators in our room. One of the hermana's said that she wished she would have had the góspel in her life earlier so that she wouldn't have made so many mistakes.
We also had 3 other investigators come to church this week, Keyla, Belen, and Miguel. The two hermanita's want to be baptized but again, we need to talk to their dad so that he can give them permission. Miguel is Belen's girlfriend and has started listening to us as well.
This week another dog with rabies attaked us- my poor companion screamed and I said a prayer out loud and it was as if we had a Wall in front of us and the dog couldn't touch us.
We went without running wáter in our house about 2 days and had to buy an extra drinking tub to be able to shower.
This week the attendance in our Ward raised up to 86.... when we came there was a humble 55. We were so happy to see so many of the less actives come- the ones that we have been visiting constantly. All the work that we do comes to fruition in church on Sunday, but we couldn't have done it without the Lord. The members have taken us in and love us- we have never really gone a p-day without eating in the house of a member. The bishop shared his testimony on Sunday and started to cry when he was talking about "his daughters" the hermana's.
Even the Ward has suffered for many reasons- gossiping and Elder's falling in love with hermana's of the Ward, I think we have found the remidy- charity. We just go about serving and visiting and Little by Little the Ward is reconstructing itself and that is what president asked us.
Well i love yo family, gracee, i want an email of your missionary experiences because i will share them with the members here!
love, hermana cook  

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