Tuesday, October 20, 2015

6 investigator's......in Sacrament meeting!

Hola Familia!! Hola de Chiapas!
We were pleased to have Justo (el colocho) AND his mom in sacrament meeting this Sunday! Belen (Justo's mom) loved EVERY minute and it was really neat to see her come with her son. She invited her husband, Alberto to come this coming Sunday. We hope that he comes as well. We had Belen, Keyla, MIguel, Justo, Belen, and Irvine (he is catholic and we haven't visited him yet)
We had a lovely family night with Keyla, Belen (sisters and our investigators) and their PARENTS!! Their dad asked for work off to be there! We ordered pizza... 2 for 1 for the missionaries and their mom made a delicious raspberry cake and we watched the video of the restoration. It was really neat- the spirit was super strong and we gained a little more confidence from their parents- Lendis and Mauricio, but they said that they still won't firm their baptismal form. But if we can just get them to church- which I know we can with God's help, they will start to change and they WILL give them permission. In fact, they will get baptized themselves! ha ha ha.
We are still planning on Justo's baptism for halloween. We are so excited, but even more HE is excited! His mom is overjoyed for him.
We had some real interesting experiences this week with our investigator, Miguel. REALLY weird. Let's just say that Satan is more real than ever and he has a GREAT hold on many people. His spirits, his army roam the earth and search for those who are a little more weak, and especially to the youth of the church.
(This is a halloween story... super creepy) We had a lesson with Miguel and he started to tell us that he has a doll. He talks to the doll. And the doll talks with him... I know it's really weird. He told us that he asked God to give life to the doll when he was 15 years old, because he felt alone. He says that his "faith" was so strong that God gave life to the doll. He tells us that the doll is good because the doll tells him to do good things, like go to church, listen to us missionaries, and pray to God.... this is what is really confusing. Obviously the doll is not good, and is possessed by a bad spirit. Remember that Miguel is 17 years old and it just gets weirder... He says that the doll moves and that the doll moves his things when he does something bad. He says that he feels the doll's presence in all times... and especially in the darkness. ah NO! It was HORRIBLE! The doll supposedly teaches him Portuguese and he reads the book of Mormon and his pamphlets with the doll! He told us that the doll wants to get to know his girlfriend, who is also our investigator, Belen (Keyla's sister) so that she can talk to her as well. It was so weird- he respects the doll and prays with the doll. NOO!! I knew we needed to get him a priesthood blessing and FAST! It gave me and my companion the heebee jeebees. He said that the doll told him that she wants to have a body and experience mortal life. And that was IT. We called our district leader and he told us that we should talk to the bishop and invite Miguel to destroy the doll, because it is surely Satanic. We are going to get him a priesthood blessing. We'll see if he is willing to destroy the doll. But it sounds t me that he loves his doll and that he has had it and talked to her for 2 years... Okay.... Well we went with the bishop to talk to Miguel, but he wasn't home. I will let you know what happens with Miguel.
What I can't figure out is that the doll teaches Miguel that he should pray. And we read in 2nd Nephi 32:8 that the bad spirit does NOT teach man to pray. I think that the doll has to be teaching Miguel good things and slowly, she will teach him to do bad things, and lead him slowly down to hell as Satan has always done. Some other scriptures I was reading about the subject: D and C 50:2, 31-32, D and C 129, 1 John 4:1-3. I don't know it's really weird. It scared the Elder's pretty bad all of this hallabaloo. They told us that they woke up in the middle of the night to bless their home, they were pretty scared ha ha. Hermana Mendez and I have coped with the situation by laughing and praying.
We also visited a less active member who says he doesn't believe in God or Jesus or the bible. It was a little difficult to teach him, but we prayed anyways and shared our testimonies. I shared the story of Peter stepping out of the boat to follow Jesus and told the hermano that he once believed in God because he was baptized. But when he entered college, and saw the wind and the waves, he got distracted and started to sink. I told him that we need God and now is the moment to reach out to Him. My companion also shared a powerful testimony that God and science are interelated. But in the end of the lesson, the hermano told us that he doesn't need God. Well, we can't do anything about that.
It has rained quite a bit here and we are enjoying a cooler climate that I have missed. Dad I haven't seen a single deer or elk here but I showed my investigators the pic of you and your elk and they love it. They think it's cool that we eat it. ha ha.
I love you family, the work is going well and I am happy to be a missionary. My companion finally got in with a good doc and he says she has colitis. He did an ultrasound. He gave her pills for one week. We will see how it goes with these, I think she has been getting better.
And please pray for Miguel... And ALL our investigators

Hermana Cook

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