Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I lit the sandwiches on fire!


Some of my fondest memories come from watching general conference and eating all day long with my FAMILY! I love you and miss you family! 

I loved the trio of singers that they had on the song of "Come thou Fount"- how their voices blended!! I loved Elder Holland's talk on mothers and especially when he said that they are Savior's on Mount Zion. He also said that what mother's do is part of Christ's work. It is so true that when we break our mother's heart we break our own. I felt a little sad during Elder Bednard's talk, I felt that it was almost a farewell to other apostles to come. I felt that the prophet is looking a little frail, but I loved his message on faith and that WE WILL BE DIFFERENT (seremos diferentes) than the world. We should be PROUD to be different. The faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind. 

Wow was I impressed with Elder Christofferson's spanish!!! He recorded his own talk in spanish and he is absolutely FLUENT! It was amazing. My companion from Guatemala gave him a 10 in his spanish. I did too! I was delighted to find out from momma that he was Elder Richard G. Scott's mission president. That is AWESOME! Imagine what type of missionary he would have been to have the recommendation of his mission president :) 

Sadly, el colocho and his mom were not able to come to general conference. We didn't have a single investigator in conference. Not everything works out how we would like. But they did invite us over to eat today and they want to give us lunch every Monday for P-day. They tell us that we are always invited in for a glass of water or food. Most of the members here are just as loving. I am learning a lot about that. I see members give us EVERYTHING they have to help us in the work. We lost 400 pesos (about 30 dollars) of our money for transportation. We weren't going to be able to go to general conference because we had no money. We were walking home real sad when we opened the door and we found an envolope with 100 pesos inside, it was a family of members. God always provides for our needs and he does it through other people. 

We are planning the Colocho's baptism for the 30th or halloween! He has completely stopped drinking coffee, his mom makes him hot coco instead, and he is just adorable. He says that the bow is his arm of choice, ha ha. I tell him all about dad and talmage hunters, and that you shoot elk with your bow. Colocho's dad says that you ought to be pretty skilled to be shooting elk with a bow. He asked if you make your arrows. I printed out the pic of your elk dad and I am going to show it to them. We are starting to have a really great time with them, lots of inspired lessons where the spirit is present. Belen once said a prayer and said the following, "I know I am a sinner God, please help forgive me." We were once teaching about the book of mormon, and Colocho said, "No solamente creo. Yo estoy SEGURO que esto es verdad." (I don't only believe. I KNOW that this is true.) He tells us that his greatest desire is to serve a misison. He says he would love to see the snow fall in the United States because he has never seen snow before. I am sure he would have a great time getting pulled around on the back of the fourwheeler with Talmage. He is 8.

My companion is still very sick, we went to see the doctor, he didn't do a single test or ANYTHING he only told her what she has.... hmmm.. he said she has gastritis and colitis (I am not sure what it is in english... something similar) The poor girl has lots of pain all the time and it is NOT  fun to work under the hot sun when you are sick. 

This last monday we set the alarm for 1:30 p.m. but instead it went off at 1:30 am. I thought it was 6:30 a.m., rolled out of bed, said my prayer half a sleep, and started exercising. I said "buenos dias" to wake up my companion because she was dead asleep. She rolled out of bed and started praying, half asleep. I wondered why I was so tired and looked at the clock. It read, 1;40 A.M. ha ha ha. I went back to our room to tell my companion and she was still on her knees, "praying" and sleeping. I couldn't see anything because it was really dark and tripped over her knees and we started laughing and laughing and we couldn't sleep afterwards. Sounds like something I would do. 

A few nights ago we went to a family night with a few investigators (who afterwards accepted a book of mormon and a charla- a lesson). We were playing a game that included various objects. One of the objects was a match, and when I lit it, it fell into the bowl of sandwhiches and starting burning the sandwhiches and everyone starting laughing and screaming and trying to save the bowl of sandwhiches because we were all hungry. ha ha. I ate the burnt sandwhich so that nobody else would have to. ha ha. The family of investigators we found there are really awesome, I am excited to start teaching them. 

I love you family, I am happy, because I am a missionary.

Hermana Cook 

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