Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jesus is Coming for His People

Hola familia!

My companion hasn't got any better but I finally took matters into my own hands and talked directly with President. He gave me a reference of a gastro doctor here in Tuxtla. I made the appointment for tomorrow. We are FINALLY going to get her fixed up. President said he works miracles with his patients so I will put my faith in God that this is the answer. The poor girl. 

This Sunday President asked me to play in another stake conference and I got to see a convert! (he was baptized when I was in Teran with HErmana Juliana) Jose, who has sent his mission papers in and is just waiting to find out where he goes! He looked so happy, and completely changed from when we were teaching him. He said the closing prayer in the conference. I saw my companion, Hermana Robles who is now in that stake, Mactumatza. I started in that stake- villaflores belongs to it. I was SO happy. Afterwards President took me back to the mission home and Hermana George made a delicious meal and cookies! Then we played piano and violin for like 2 hours.... just me and president and hermana george. We started playing chopin and president came and sat down on the couch and just listened. It was one of those things that you never want to end. I was in heaven! He couldn't take me back to my area until later because church had just begun over there and we had to wait until it finished. I really really enjoyed myself and the choco chip cookies, it's been a while since I've eaten them. Hermana George joked with me because I ate the rest of the bag of choco chips ha ha. 

Well this week we went to teach the investigator that was present when I burnt the sandwhcihes. It was a beautiful lesson on the restoration, and we really emphasized the trinity because she was really confused. When we talked about the book of mormon, we felt impressed to talk about 3 nephi 11 when Jesus comes down from heaven. She then told us that her son had had a dream that was similar. She said that he saw a beautiful light in the sky and that he saw Jesus coming down from the sky, and that trumpets played. And then he told his mom "Jesus is coming for His people." I thought it was really neat and it really inspired her to want to read the chapter. She accepted baptism, we'll see how she progresses.

Justo taught the restoration this past week to some hermanos that we were teaching. He was with us and without even realizing he starts teaching that in 1820 Joseph Smith went to pray to know which church was true. And I just stood back in awe wondering how it was that this 8 year old boy remembered everything we had taught him over a month ago. IT was another one of those moments that you just never want to end. Then he was like, " A lightning is not going to fall right in front of you when you pray to know it's true. You are going to feel PEACE." Wow. He really GETS IT. His mom feeds us every MOnday on pday even though she stills suffers from the chincun. She is so LOVING! 

The other night we were walking in the street and it was time to get home, we had about 5 minutes. i prayed to God that He would give us at least 1 more person that REALLY wanted to hear us, someone READY for baptism. We found 2 teenagers on the curb and started to talk to them. At first they were real shy but we opened them right up, invited them to baptism, and got an appointment set up. They were AMAZED that we are not from here, that we wake up at 6:30, that we fast, that we preach the gospel all day long, do exercise, and live the way we do. They were just awe struck. What really seemed normal to me is not normal to them. We are a people of covenants. We make sacrifices to make those convenants and sometimes we don't realize what we have.

This is for Gabby and Gracee especially: Everything that I have gone through in my mission is to help me for the moment that I reunite with you two again. I do not wish for the imaginary "victory badge" that some may give me when I get home from my mission nor do I want that badge. What I want is to help you two see that you are MORE amazing than I am. And that is the truth. You two were born in an earlier dispensation than I was, because God was saving you for harder times. It is that simple. What I want you two to feel is that I LOVE YOU. That I am your SISTER and that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. That pride, competition, and vanity can end and that we can form a bond of true sisterhood that will last an eternity. 

I am coming home to add to the family, and not to be the shining star on the wall. I may be tall, I may be a missionary, and I may play the violin, but that does not make me better. I may be a returned missionary when I come home in March, but that does not lift me up on a pedestal. I love you Gabbs and Grace. I just want you to know that. And I am PROUD of your accomplishments. God is proud of you and loves you more than I do. 

I love you family, keep praying for my investigators  


hermana cook 

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