Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The doll goes up in flames...............

Hi family,

I am just fine. Hurricane Paty did not touch us here. The only thing that happened was a little sprinkle of rain a few days before. But we have been just fine. Everyone here in Chiapas was praying for those in the North, and I am sure you guys were too.

GOOD NEWS with Miguel! We went with the bishop and another hermana from our ward to have a lesson with Miguel, and Miguel GAVE UP THE DOLL to be burned! We were SOO happy. He gave the doll to the bishop and the bishop took it to his work (he works in a morgue) and was able to burn the doll in the morgue's oven.... ha ha. It was hard for him to do it, but it's what he wanted to do. Ha ha he asked us as a joke if he could take a "selfie" with the doll before he gave it up. ha ha. Weird.

Miguel feels a lot better now, and today we have him lined up for a priesthood blessing with the bishop. He came to church for the fourth time on Sunday, and he is getting ready to be baptized on the 7th of November! Justo (el colocho) will also be getting baptized on the 7th! 

I think President George will be interviewing Miguel for the situation, we will keep you updated on that. President knows all about it and has been calling us and helping us through the situation. Everything was really a miracle that Miguel is choosing a new life and that he wants to progress. Miguel also came with us on Saturday to an activity in the ward with mormon messages, popcorn, and a special tour of the chapel. He is reading his book of mormon and wants to preach the gospel with us. Mom, it was surely no coincidence that you went to the temple on Thursday, it was that very day that we went to have a lesson with Miguel. I felt the spirit VERY strongly and I was the one that actually invited him to burn the doll. And he accepted! It's a story that's for sure. Thank you momma. You always feel when something is about :) 

Justo and Belen are going to start preaching with us! Every day from 5 to 8 they will be accompanying us to preach. I am super excited! They are still not even members but the gospel means so much that they want to share it. It is an example that we should apply to our own lives. Justo is lined up for the 7th of November for his baptism. He didn't come the day of general conference, and so we had to push his date back one Saturday (or it would have been on halloween).

Belen is giving her husband until January to get divorced from his other wife. And if he doesn't, she is moving OUT. She wants to live the law of chastity so that she can get baptized!! WE ARE SOOO HAPPY!! 

We had 5 investigators in sacrament meeting this Sunday: Keyla and Belen, Justo and Belen, and Miguel. We are working with Keyla and Belen's parents, we actually have a family night set up for them this week. Their dad is going to ask off work that day to be there!! And the two of them committed to come to church this coming Sunday. We are sooo happy.

Things are finally starting to roll here in Jardines de Grijalva, and we are really getting in good with the members. On Sunday I was able to play "Come thou Fount" in church and when I finished a little girl about 3 years old named Luna said in the silence, "Wow que bonito" (wow beautiful!) And everybody giggled- it was the funniest thing. 

Yesterday we went to the doctor for a follow up appointment with Hermana Mendez, and she still is having the same problems. So the doctor did another ultrasoind and gave her some different pills, a little more strong to help her our. At last, the poor girl has suffered through these past months. 

Two more weeks here and we will see if I get stay in Jardines or if I get sent somewhere else... 

I love you family. Thank you for your prayers and your love.


Hermana Cook 

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