Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We walk fast!

Precisely at the time that mom felt prompted to pray for us, we were knocking at the door of Colocho (his name means "curly hair") to take him and his mom to church. Colocho came to church for the second time! And he has stopped drinking coffee! But things are looking a little grave for his mom, Belen. We found out this week that she is not married with the SeƱor that she is living with and has lived with for 7 years. He is an alcoholic but enjoys to listen to us- we invited him to stop drinking but told us he can't because he is an alcoholic... Everything lies in your desires. And... he has another family somewhere and has not divorced from his first wife. It would be extremely difficult for Belen to start living the law of chastity unless she separates from her husband, and we don't want to encourage breaking up families. So we told her to pray to know what to do. But her "husband" is not interested in divorce OR marriage, so we will see where the will of Belen takes her. She was loving the lessons more than colocho believe it or not.

Colocho feels at home in church now, and has found many friends. One of which is in his class at school, and that sure helps getting him to church. It's not any coincidence that we have found colocho. He has permission from his momma and I hope from his dad to be baptized, and he is set to go for the 24th of october.

Two of our investigators, Keyla and Belen (sisters) also came to church and brought her boyfriend, Miguel. It was Miguel's second time in church as well and seems to be progressing nicely. He is also set up to baptism for the 24th of October. Keyla and Belen's dad has started bringing them to church in his car. Little by little we will gain their confidence and I know they will be baptized. Keyla asked me how to pay tithing and payed her tithing this Sunday. She is also going to bring her boyfriend to church the sunday after conference.

I didn't know that richard g. scott died! He always talked with so much love about his wife. He will be missed. I suppose they will be putting in the 3 new apostles this 3rd and 4th of october.

While everything I am sure is cooling off in Utah, it is just heating up in Chiapas. ha ha. We walk SO fast. When we first came to this area, we breathed hard up the hills. And now after more than a month here, we WALK FAST up the hills and we don't breathe so hard. I feel like Daniel when he didn't eat the King's meat and the Lord strengthened him and his brother's for his obedience. My companion, despite all our prayers and blessings, is still sick and nothing really seems to help. She has taken the pills that the doctor told her to take over the phone. And she is drinking water-because I am always on her about that. We even notified the relief society president that she can tell the hermana's to make food with less fat, but she is still sick.

A few weeks ago Hermana Zamora told me she was going to go home because her boyfriend (who is from Chiapas) came home early and is now IN THE SAME WARD WHERE HERMANA ZAMORA IS SERVING. Imagine that. THe poor girl could hardly concentrate. But I wrote to her and told her what the Lord put into my mind, and the next week told me she had changed her mind thanks to what I had told her, and that she is going to stay in the mission and fight. I still think that she asked President to change her to a different area.

A while ago we found an investigator one night because I told him I would play my violin for him. He wasn't going to let us in. Well we got in and as the weeks have passed he has also been progressing nicely. Yesterday we talked about the book of mormon and he is excited to read and has lots of questions. He has a lovely family as well and we have starting teaching his daughter, who, along with her Father, accepted baptism. His name is Rogelio and his daughter is named Dana.

We also found a shy student who is studying violin in a university in Tuxtla Gutierrez in the street the other day. He didn't accept the little card of Jesus we tried to give him, until we talked to him some more and I told him I would play the violin for him as well. HE still didn't accept an appointment. So we gave him a pamphlet of the restoration and our number. A few nights later we saw him AGAIN and he stopped to talk to us. We told him it wasn't a coincidence that we had found him again. He said that when he was sufficiently convinced with the pamphlet he would give us a call. He had just begun reading it. I think that if he calls us, he is ready for the gospel. His name is Eddy, and he is from Honduras.

I asked sarita from Xochimilco if Allan and Cynthia ever used that money from the fundraiser we did to get married. She said that had moved away and as far as she knows they still haven't gotten married... sigh... everyone has their agency. She said that one of the new Elder's that President sent to work in Xochimilco got sick and was sent home...

I played the violin for an hermana the other day who only came to church because her son dragged her. I promised I would play for her if she would come to church with all of her HEART, might, mind, and strenghth. And that Sunday she came without her son dragging her. So I played for her. THe next day she left to go live in Cacahuatan (close to Tapachula). I was glad to have met her.

We got to go to the temple this week for a special missionary activity, and President came too. It was really neat to be with Hermana Mendez in the session, I know it helped to unite us more. This Sunday we spoke in church on charity to help unite the ward. THe bishop's wife, Teresita said that we brought a great spirit. I shared all my experiences from Xochimilco.

I love you family and I hope that you are all doing well. Talmage I had a dream about you and I love and miss you! Momma I was looking at the moon the other night too thinking about you! Gabby congrats on a great dance! Gracee you are beautiful, inside and out and never forget it! And dad, congrats on your bull, big trucks and big bucks.


Hermana Cook

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