Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Tattered Life

Hola familia,

¡¿Como están?! 

I am doing great here, this week I learned to present us as missionaries in Tzozil, and I'm working on learning how to pray. We were able to have a lesson with the Tzozil... We mostly spoke in Spanish and an hermana translated for us, she is also an investigator. Usually we can find someone to translate when we're in a pinch. 

We have found a beautiful family of 5, we had been praying and fasting to find them. We had a beautiful lesson with them on the restoration, and the spirit was so strong. It just testified of everything we said. They all accepted baptism. The husband is the stumbling block. He doesn't want his wife nor one of his kids to go to church. For that reason they weren't able to come to church on Sunday. The other two, Dulce and Javier were able to come. Their names are: Irma, Carlos, Javier, and Dulce. 

We have quite a few less active members with really sad stories. One of them is named Arriana. Her son served a mission, and was a bishop. She was sealed in the temple with her husband. According to her, her husband would beat her but because the members and her bishop didn't believe her, she abandoned house and went to live in a refuge for women. She says that the stake president took away her temple recommend without giving her an interview because she had left her husband. She has had a really sad life becaue of this decision. Today she smokes, drinks, and is with another guy. She says she is strong and could face any trial that God could give her... I had no idea what to tell her. I was just stunned, and so was my companion and when her boyfriend came in we had to leave. 

We found another less active in the street on Saturday with his bag of beer he had just bought. I few days before he had told us that he wasn't drinking... caught in the act. The poor guy, we are trying to help him as well. His name is Filiberto.

 There is another less active named Eloy. He says that nobody talked to him in church, and that he always payed his tithing and fasted but he never recieved anything. He says that he now is asisting a christian church where they really know how to show love for their neighbor. Before he was really shy and could hardly talk, and he said that the preacher from the Christian church took him in and taught him how to talk and how to preach the word of God. And so... this is how satan works. He gives people what they want to trick them into thinking that some other church is the true one. And all of this because the hermano's in our church didn't open up to him. 

We have another investigator, Eric whose wife is a less active member. We are helping him put up his little store here in Sancristobal for the holidays everything gets CRAZY here. We have painted walls, taken off paint, cut wood, and whatever he needs. We have done it all to gain trust and to open up his heart to the gospel. 

We have an hermana in the zone who has lupus (not sure if that is how you spell it) who got while on her mission. Her family got really mad because they are not members of the church. Her grandma just died last week as well, and she is a mess. We did exchanges to try to help them out. My companion told her that she should keep going, even though she told us that she wants to finish her mission. My companion told her that the Lord knew that she would get sick here in the mission, but He still gave her the call. So she told her that the greatest thing that she could do would be to die here in the mission- because literally, she is dying. So... she keeps pressing on. We will see what happens. Her name is Hermana Rodriguez, she is from Costa Rica. 

Well, I love you family. Keep pressing on :)

Hermana Cook 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


¡¿Kusi Chapas?! (¿Que hace? in Tzozil)

Hola familia!

Wow, Sancristobal is magical. My companion ROCKS and I am learning Tzozil!!! This week we were able to contact quite a few Tzozil's and I'm only comfortable with the basics. The dialect is really hard, I have a little difficulty memorizing phrases. But the majority speak spanish and so I think I'll live.

The natives are usually dressed in Tzozil shirts and dresses, and they are usually trying to sale you scarves or trinkets with the little spanish that they know.There are backpackers from all over the world here... we are hearing different languages all the time. It is pretty cold, but not as cold as utah, i had to take out some money from the account to buy some good boots and thick tights, a scarf and good thing i brought a coat from home. I sleep with two blankets.

This week we were able to find two investigators with lots of potential who listened to the missionaries back in 2007 and they have all their attendances to church... basically we walked into a waiting baptism. It was a miracle! It took a little work to find them though. We are hoping that something will result from this. 

We did exchanges this week. We went to visit an hermano who is less active who hardly understands anything in spanish, he had to translate into tzozil for his mom. His mom is practically dying in her little cardboard house, she was making a little fire with coal and I felt so bad so I gave her my scarf, it's pretty cold and more up in the mountains. 

Well I will keep you updated on how everything goes, just know that I am happy. When we come back to Mexico as a family I will have to bring you here to Sancristobal... mom and gabby and gracee it would be your dream come true they have every little store you could possibly imagine with all sorts of beautiful clothes, bags, shoes, and things that you could EVER dream. I love you family. Talmage and daddy I loveyou also.


Hermana Cook

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Justo and Miguel! Baptisms!


So..... JUSTO AND MIGUEL WERE BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! We were soooo happy and so were they!! AND THEIR FAMILIES CAME!!! It was just a beautiful opportunity for their families to see how AWESOME the church can be :) It was a miracle really, Miguel had thought that his family wasn't going to come, and they cmae! ha ha. Miguel's mom cried. Justo's grandpa is a member of the church but he attends a different church. But when he came to the baptism, he decided that he wants to return to the church!! Justo gave a beautiful testimony at the end and said, "Que no se vaya la hermana cook..." (I hope that hermana cook doesn't leave) ha ha. Then everybody knew. I was able to play violin and the bishop and his wife sang, they have really beautiful voices. Miguel also shared his testimony and it was just really neat. THe bishop baptized them both. 

I am headed up to the Tsosil Zone, in San Cristobal!!!!!!! I am just ecstatic!!! I think I will be learning a little bit of Tsosil, as I will be a sister training leader and doing exchanges in some of the Tsosil regions. I CANNOT WAIT! We'll see how this goes. I'm a little nervous but really excited too. President told me on Friday where I would be going in an interview. I think this will be my last area.... My companion will be Hermana Juarez from Mexico. President told me that if there is one hermana in the mission that knows how to baptize it is her... oh boy.

Keyla and Belen's dad came to the baptism of Miguel and Justo because his daughter is Miguel's girlfriend. Afterwards he told Keyla that he would love for Keyla to be baptized!! After 2 transfers of loving and loving and teaching and teaching he finally came permission to his girls!! IT was amazing. Sunday was their second time attending church. We were able to have 8 investigators in church on Sunday, Keyla and Belen's family, Belen (the mom of Justo), 2 niños that we are going to start teaching and 1 hermano that we don't know who just showed up to church. Wow this ward is really picking up and now I am out of here.

Yes, it is the Grijalva river. Actually our water that we use comes out of the Grijalva river. And yes, they celebrate dia de los muertos here. I did a little girls makeup in the ward I will send pics. They also go out to trick or treat but the traditional treat here is candied pumpkin. It is delicious! Mom your costume ROCKED. I think that is one of your coolest costumes TO DATE! :) 
Grijalva River
Grijalva River

I love you family and cannot WAIT to be up in Sancristobal! President also told me that up there they will be having a christmas music celebration with all different religions... we'll see if i get to participate. 


HErmana Cook 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Catholics sign the form!


MIGUEL'S PARENTS SIGNED THE BAPTISMAL FORM!!! They gave him permission!!!! This is the FIRST time in my whole mission that catholic parents sign the baptismal form for the child!!!!! we had prayed and prayed and talked with his whole family and in the end his mom signed the form. they said they will support him in his decsion, but miguel says that he thinks they won't come to teh baptism even though we invited them. 

This whole week has just been a miracle, Miguel and Justo both came to church this Sunday and they will both be baptized this Saturday, the 7th!! We are SO happy, the ward just LOVES Miguel AND Justo, and they both feel at home at church. They have both come to the activities, cleaning up the church and tacos, and a wedding celebration! The are just LOVING it! 

We were looking EVERYWHERE one night for an investigator that could come to an activity they had a few nights ago. We couldn't have gone without an investigator. At the last minute everybody had canceled. We had been praying that the one we would find would be a golden investigator. In the last 5 minutes of desperation, Miguel comes walking by!!!!! And we went to the activity with Miguel!! Turns out that Miguel loves classical music and one day he came waking by listening to Sarasate! haha. He loves listening to the violin.

Today we went to Chiapa de Corzo to look around and my compa and I both bought chiapanecan dresses, ate hamburgers, and saw the grand river- we took pics :) There are LOTS of tourists there and I heard some people speaking english with a brittish like accent, i takled to them in engilsh and turns out they are from france and they are here visiting chiapa de corzo! it was awesome. 

This sunday we were able to see keyla and belens parents in church!! they finally came! they are going to firm that form some day for theri daughters. we actually had 9 investigators in church, it was a great success, we fit 11 people in one car to get to church. there were 2 hermano's walking along the freeway to get to church and we alreadffy had 9 in the car and so we fit two more in. they had been praying that someone would pass by for them. 

I AM SO STOKED FOR TREK!! thanks for signing me up. hey momma i think that about this time i need to be signing up for school... i left you the info to sign me up.

I LOVE you family and can't wait to see you again!!!

hermana cook