Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Justo and Miguel! Baptisms!


So..... JUSTO AND MIGUEL WERE BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!! We were soooo happy and so were they!! AND THEIR FAMILIES CAME!!! It was just a beautiful opportunity for their families to see how AWESOME the church can be :) It was a miracle really, Miguel had thought that his family wasn't going to come, and they cmae! ha ha. Miguel's mom cried. Justo's grandpa is a member of the church but he attends a different church. But when he came to the baptism, he decided that he wants to return to the church!! Justo gave a beautiful testimony at the end and said, "Que no se vaya la hermana cook..." (I hope that hermana cook doesn't leave) ha ha. Then everybody knew. I was able to play violin and the bishop and his wife sang, they have really beautiful voices. Miguel also shared his testimony and it was just really neat. THe bishop baptized them both. 

I am headed up to the Tsosil Zone, in San Cristobal!!!!!!! I am just ecstatic!!! I think I will be learning a little bit of Tsosil, as I will be a sister training leader and doing exchanges in some of the Tsosil regions. I CANNOT WAIT! We'll see how this goes. I'm a little nervous but really excited too. President told me on Friday where I would be going in an interview. I think this will be my last area.... My companion will be Hermana Juarez from Mexico. President told me that if there is one hermana in the mission that knows how to baptize it is her... oh boy.

Keyla and Belen's dad came to the baptism of Miguel and Justo because his daughter is Miguel's girlfriend. Afterwards he told Keyla that he would love for Keyla to be baptized!! After 2 transfers of loving and loving and teaching and teaching he finally came permission to his girls!! IT was amazing. Sunday was their second time attending church. We were able to have 8 investigators in church on Sunday, Keyla and Belen's family, Belen (the mom of Justo), 2 niños that we are going to start teaching and 1 hermano that we don't know who just showed up to church. Wow this ward is really picking up and now I am out of here.

Yes, it is the Grijalva river. Actually our water that we use comes out of the Grijalva river. And yes, they celebrate dia de los muertos here. I did a little girls makeup in the ward I will send pics. They also go out to trick or treat but the traditional treat here is candied pumpkin. It is delicious! Mom your costume ROCKED. I think that is one of your coolest costumes TO DATE! :) 
Grijalva River
Grijalva River

I love you family and cannot WAIT to be up in Sancristobal! President also told me that up there they will be having a christmas music celebration with all different religions... we'll see if i get to participate. 


HErmana Cook 

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