Tuesday, November 17, 2015


¡¿Kusi Chapas?! (¿Que hace? in Tzozil)

Hola familia!

Wow, Sancristobal is magical. My companion ROCKS and I am learning Tzozil!!! This week we were able to contact quite a few Tzozil's and I'm only comfortable with the basics. The dialect is really hard, I have a little difficulty memorizing phrases. But the majority speak spanish and so I think I'll live.

The natives are usually dressed in Tzozil shirts and dresses, and they are usually trying to sale you scarves or trinkets with the little spanish that they know.There are backpackers from all over the world here... we are hearing different languages all the time. It is pretty cold, but not as cold as utah, i had to take out some money from the account to buy some good boots and thick tights, a scarf and good thing i brought a coat from home. I sleep with two blankets.

This week we were able to find two investigators with lots of potential who listened to the missionaries back in 2007 and they have all their attendances to church... basically we walked into a waiting baptism. It was a miracle! It took a little work to find them though. We are hoping that something will result from this. 

We did exchanges this week. We went to visit an hermano who is less active who hardly understands anything in spanish, he had to translate into tzozil for his mom. His mom is practically dying in her little cardboard house, she was making a little fire with coal and I felt so bad so I gave her my scarf, it's pretty cold and more up in the mountains. 

Well I will keep you updated on how everything goes, just know that I am happy. When we come back to Mexico as a family I will have to bring you here to Sancristobal... mom and gabby and gracee it would be your dream come true they have every little store you could possibly imagine with all sorts of beautiful clothes, bags, shoes, and things that you could EVER dream. I love you family. Talmage and daddy I loveyou also.


Hermana Cook

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