Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Catholics sign the form!


MIGUEL'S PARENTS SIGNED THE BAPTISMAL FORM!!! They gave him permission!!!! This is the FIRST time in my whole mission that catholic parents sign the baptismal form for the child!!!!! we had prayed and prayed and talked with his whole family and in the end his mom signed the form. they said they will support him in his decsion, but miguel says that he thinks they won't come to teh baptism even though we invited them. 

This whole week has just been a miracle, Miguel and Justo both came to church this Sunday and they will both be baptized this Saturday, the 7th!! We are SO happy, the ward just LOVES Miguel AND Justo, and they both feel at home at church. They have both come to the activities, cleaning up the church and tacos, and a wedding celebration! The are just LOVING it! 

We were looking EVERYWHERE one night for an investigator that could come to an activity they had a few nights ago. We couldn't have gone without an investigator. At the last minute everybody had canceled. We had been praying that the one we would find would be a golden investigator. In the last 5 minutes of desperation, Miguel comes walking by!!!!! And we went to the activity with Miguel!! Turns out that Miguel loves classical music and one day he came waking by listening to Sarasate! haha. He loves listening to the violin.

Today we went to Chiapa de Corzo to look around and my compa and I both bought chiapanecan dresses, ate hamburgers, and saw the grand river- we took pics :) There are LOTS of tourists there and I heard some people speaking english with a brittish like accent, i takled to them in engilsh and turns out they are from france and they are here visiting chiapa de corzo! it was awesome. 

This sunday we were able to see keyla and belens parents in church!! they finally came! they are going to firm that form some day for theri daughters. we actually had 9 investigators in church, it was a great success, we fit 11 people in one car to get to church. there were 2 hermano's walking along the freeway to get to church and we alreadffy had 9 in the car and so we fit two more in. they had been praying that someone would pass by for them. 

I AM SO STOKED FOR TREK!! thanks for signing me up. hey momma i think that about this time i need to be signing up for school... i left you the info to sign me up.

I LOVE you family and can't wait to see you again!!!

hermana cook 

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