Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Charlas in Chenalo

Ha ha Hola Familia!! 

A "charla" is a lesson. This week my companion and I went up to Chenalo, where they really only speak Tzotzil. WOW. I was FASCINATED. These are truly LAMANITES. 

So we had to take a special taxi to get there and it's up in the mountains. There were a bunch of women walking along the mountain roads with all their goats following behind them. There will little kids with their beat-up backpacks walking along the freeway to school alone. All of them were dressed in Tzotzil... I wish I could send pictures but I really don't think they like getting pictures taken. They make skirts out of goat skin, they are black and super fluffy... they are very warm and cost quite a bit. I think they are adorable :) 

We had a meeting with the Chenalo zone leaders and we planned a zone activity SUPER cool to help excite the missionaries who are in the Chenalo zone to learn Tzotzil. The Elders and Hermana's there are struggling a little to learn it. My companion and I have had to travel a lot because we are the sister training leaders for 3 different zones, Sancristobal, Chenalo, and Comitan. We are going to have an x-Elder who was in the Tzotzil zone for 20 months come and talk to the missionaries in the zone so that they can get motivated to learn a little more Tzotzil. He left Chenalo speaking fluently. This Elder actually translated for Elder Bednar when he came to Chenalo from English to Tzotzil. I AM STOKED! 

The coolest ever is that we are learning to love their culture. The people in Chenalo are hard to baptize for their traditions and lack of understanding, but when they convert they are like the anti-nephi-lehites... that's why I called them lamanites. If theses aren't their descendants, WHO ARE? The most exciting is that we did divisions with the hermana's in Chenalo, and I was able to practice all the Tzotzil that I know (very little ha ha). To get in the door I had to speak Tzotzil.. it was like a trust thing. The mountains are GORGEOUS and I took lots of pictures I will send them. I was with Hermana Luis, and we were walking in the street when the most beautiful little girl waved to us like she had known us before. It was the most friendliest and heavenly things. You just never want them to end moments like these. That's when hermana luis told me, these are the lamanites. 

Sometimes I just ask myself if this is REAL... 

Our family Tzotzil came to church on SUNDAY!!!! We were sooo happy. We passed by for them before church and went all together in taxi. The hermana didn't tell us that she wasn't feeling well and came anyway because she had commited to come. So they left right after sacrament meeting. THe poor mom was practically vomitting. But wow, when they commit, they follow through. It's the GETTING them to commit that is a little difficult. We are praying and fasting that they will accept a baptismal date. 

Dulce and Javier haven't come to church for 2 Sunday's now, even though we have been visiting them and encouraging them. It might be time to move on and look for others who are ready. Dulce told us her life story...she says that her parents took away her daughter by trick because they weren't happy that she divorced her husband. So her 12 year old daughter is living with her parents and she is not happy. Who knows what really happened there. But she doesn't really want to get baptized because she wants to get together with another guy. 

Pati is coming along really nicely and understood well the restoration. She told us that the spirit is what we feel... I was just like, "wow, this is the first time an investigator has said the answer." She also came to church for the second time with her less active (reactivating) husband. 

My companion and I find it hard sometimes to concentrate ha ha when we are walking through the busy center, as christmas gets closer more shops open and the more people from all over the world come to visit. THe things they sale are sooo COOL and so CHEAP we are always looking at everything. I am just enchanted with this place! I am sure mom and sisters would be too. Dad and Talmage too :) 

This week we found another investigator, Laura who happens to want to learn violin. We will be teaching her the gospel and a little violin on the side. 

This Thursday is the music presentation with all the different churches, it is going to be held in the Sancristobal theatre. The choir is pretty good for chiapas, and I am excited to play. The bishop that plays the piano (he is actually president of the district san cristobal) plays super fluffy and fancy. He just adds in whatever he wants and whenever he wants. He's more of a soloist than an accompanist, because HE is the one directing the choir, and not the director. ha ha, what can we do? 

I love you family, I wish you a merry christmas and I hope to see you all soon in skype! I think we'll find out tomorrow when are we skyping.


hermana Cook 

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