Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dressed in Tzotzil


This week we had to move on with lots of investigadors, we pray that in the future they will remember what they felt through the spirit and return to investigating the church. 

This Sunday we had quite a few investigators in church, one hermana is named Ester. She married into a Tzotzil family and has adapted all their traditions. So as to help her feel more al gusto in church, we dressed up in Tzotzil with her!! She let us borrow her goat skin skirts and Tzotzil blouses, and we had a HAY DAY!! (see pics) There is a price to pay to get your investigators to church, and Hermana Juarez and I are willing to pay it! It was an honor for their family that we dressed up as they do, it really pleased them :) 

We had to let Mari go, she doesn't want to come to church, and she hasn't seemed to recognize or feel her answer, even though she has asked. 

Every day I love Chiapas more, I have just fallen in love with these people. I love speaking spanish, I love the food, I love my companion, I love our area, I love the members, I love our investigators, I love the grafiti on every wall, I LOVE IT ALL!! 

And i love and miss you family, know that I am praying for you all! 

I missed your email dad,


Hermana Cook 

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