Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Running on Faith

Hola Familia! 

This week was EXHAUSTINGLY fun! We had three different zone meetings to attend, and we ran from one to the other. It was also the choir performance of all the churches here in Sancristobal. We had hardly any time for proseliting... but we did have some beautiful experiences :) 

We taught Mari and her family this week, and we had a beautiful lesson thanks to the spirit and the gift of tongues. We read a little bit of the book of mormon with them because they hadn't read their assignment. We asked Mari if she would be able to understand better if we read to her in tzotzil or in spanish (she doesn't read either) and she said tzotzil. So my companion started to read to her in tzotzil but Mari told her that she wasn't understanding anything. So I started to read to her in tzotzil and she started to repeat back to me what it meant in spanish. It was WOW. I had read to the end of the introduction and she understood! It was really neat. We were so happy that she was able to understand because sometimes we feel like she only understands 60% of what we say. Nobody came to church yesterday because it was the dedication of the temple in Tiajuana- which was really neat. 

We discovered that Javier has started going to another church because his friend invited him. He doesn't answer the phone and he is NEVER home! We feel like he has slipped out of our hands! Please pray for him... he is the one who was set in stone to be baptized on the 19th of this month. 

Dulce came to the choir performance and she came with us to a family home evening with a member that was really neat. She is progressing nicely but is still iffy about baptism. She says she wants to wait for her boyfriend. 

Paty is doing great but her husband came with her to one of our lessons and talked the whole time about how the members don't reach out to others. It was really disheartening. I think he is making Paty's heart a little bit colder to the gospel. 

I feel like the only thing we had left to run on was faith this week. We were soooo tired, we got home one night from Chenalo at 10:30. The toilet was plugged, we had no clean garments, all of our numbers were low, and we slept through half an activity one morning with all the missionaries- we had no idea that it was going on. ha ha. We ran to the supermarket 5 minutes before another meeting to buy the refreshments, etc... Whatever. The most important thing to being a sucessful missionary is that you LOVE and that you feel the spirit testifying to your investigators through you. And that you REPENT and PROGRESS. 

Something funny.... We were eating lunch with a couple one day and they went into the kitchen to prepare the dessert. Everything was super quiet when all of the sudden we hear them kiss! ha ha. I could NOT hold it in and said, "ORALE" (it's like WOW in english) and they came out SOO embarassed, the hermano couldn't face the embarassment, took his ice cream, and climbed the stairs laughing. ha ha he never came back down until we were just leaving. HA! 

I love you family, I will send pics of the performance and of the missionary activity we had in the park. 

SKYPE: It's an option from the 23rd to the 28th... let me know when is best for you guys.



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