Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Tzotzil's

Hola familia!! 

DAD happy late birthday, the big 46! I love you! I'm glad you got what you wanted- a big cool BUCK!! :) 

This week we found a beautiful family who speak all Tzozil accept for the dad, who speaks a little spanish and translates what we say... ha ha. They are seventh day adventists. We taught a lesson, well the spirit taught it, and he understood the law of moses and the resurrection and WHY do we worhsip on Sunday! He said he is still going to ask his pastor... We tried to convince him to only ask God. He said he would. His name is Virgidio. The Tzotzil names are usually pretty out of the norm, and I have found quite a few people down here named Saria and Sarai. 

Mom, the branch where we are at is a spanish branch. But there are a quite a few who speake Tzotzil and there are 2 hermana's who always come dressed in Tzotzil with their kids... lots of kids. The Tzotzil attend all different religions, but I am finding quite a few who are 7th day adventists. 

I am reading the Book of Mormon in Tzotzil, and my companion and I study Tzotzil together. We have the book as translated by President Gutierrez. It is missing a few of the shorter books and chapters, and is a little thinner in width than the spanish book of mormon. President Gutierrez makes frequent visits to our branch, and  is second counselor to President George. 

Today Eric's shop is opening. He just got back from Mexico city where he brought in all of the Hindu clothes and stuff ect. We are excited!

The other Tzotzil family that we are teaching is also really neat. One of the hermana's, rosa, doesn't want to believe in living prophets. But her sister, Mari, is starting to believe. She told us that she would like to join us. We are really emphasizing with them that they need to ask God if it's true. They still haven't come to church because they are also 7th day adventists. We have explained why it's Sunday and all that. We are praying that this SUnday they will come and progress.

We found two investigators who accepted baptism this week, Santiago and  Alejandra. They were both contacts. We are excited to start teaching them. We also found another investigator named Pati whose husband is a less'active member and his wife encouraged him to come to church on Sunday. They have a few months living here in San cris. We are going to start teaching her and hope to reactivate her husband meanwhile. He asked us why we don't drink cafe... he has forgotten a lot of things, as he has been less active for 15 years. Yesterday was his first day in church after all that time. 

We had our christmas program with all the missionaries on Tuesday. We had a talent show and our district did a cool rap, written by me and my compa complete with actions and violin and all. ha ha I really enjoyed myself. I'll have to show you guys the video when I get home. 

Well I love you all!!! 

Hermanan Cook 

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