Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hi Family!

Hi Family!!

Wow, I don't know what to say this week. ha ha. Felicidades papi for your new calling :) 

We had our first lesson completely in Tzotzil with an hermana named Lluvia. We were looking for another person that lived in an Indigenous community house but we found Lluvia instead. We had to read quite a bit of the lesson but I hope she understood something :) She accepted baptism but she had some doubts, it was hard for us to understand just what they were. It's quite a challenge. I feel like I'm learning spanish all over again, just 10 times harder.

This week an area seventy, Elder Toris came to visit. I loved the training we had with him, what a powerful man. At the end he gave me some pretty neat advice as well. 

I will be praying for you family, I love you. 

Hermana Cook 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

She's not mine!

Hola Familia!


This week really has been trying, Karito is our only investigator progressing and we just gave her over to the Elders because we found out she is not part of our area. But I know she is in God's hands and not mine.

I just wanted to give you guys an update on Hermana Zamora, she has actually finished her 18 months time on her mission, but because she went home and came back, they didn't count her first months that she was here. And so she is STILL serving, she has SURPASSED her time. It is a MIRACLE for me, with all of the health problems she has had, God has blessed her more than I had ever imagined. 

This week we found some service to do because we have been having some trouble finding people who want to listen. We shoveled up rocks for a pathway in a little house, but anyway the muchacha didn't want to hear the message in the end. The service is what counted ha ha. 

One of the less active members that we have been visiting named Eloy says that his dad banned him from having friends and that he has to get to work. His dad had been giving him money to go to school but he never used it, never studied, and now he can't find work. He's about 29 years old now. So he can't recieve us anymore and he has to get to work. It might be the only way that he can get thinking again, because the last time we visited him he said he didn't believe in God. And then when all this hallabaloo happened he prayed fervently... sometimes we only pray fervently to God when things go wrong. And it shouldn't be like that. The poor guy has visited every church in every corner and he's so confused about the doctrine and doesn't want to read the book of mormon. He says the bible is the one and only. "We have a bible" type of thing and "we don't want more bible." 

I love you family, I am so happy to hear from you every week, I love your pictures. I MISS YOU!! 

Love, Hermana Cook :) 

NOTICE: Send a friend request to Presidente George and Hermana George on Facebook, they have lots of pics on there that maybe you guys haven't seen. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Pics!

I love my mission!

Backpacking into Pom


This week we literally hiked into a chapel that is about an hour from Chenalo, it's called Pom. IN THE MOUNTAINS!! gorgeous!! It helped the Chenalo zone to UNITE!! It rocked! As a zone, we put a goal of 50 baptisms for March 19th (the sad thing about it all is that I won't be here for that day... :( ) and it is going to take place in the RIO (river)!!! This Chenalo zone is on FIRE with excitement to get working! I feel so privileged to be a part of the zone. I will be sending lots of pics of the hike.

KARITO came for the third time to church on Sunday and is progressing very nicely!! She is really the only one in her entire family that wants to listen and progress. She is also the one that works... she goes out to vend pie and cake in the street while her family is in the house. She is 14 years old. The money that she wins with the cakes also helps win the family's bread. She is reading the book of mormon and little by little she is gaining more faith. She told us the other night that she doesn't know if God is answering her prayers because her family doesn't want to accept God in their life, and that is what she has been praying for. The poor girl, I can't imagine what a fight it would be to be the only one in your family who wants to embrace the gospel. She got home from church a little late and her mom punished her... 

We had a lesson with her dad the other night, he had a really hard time accepting to say the closing prayer, he told us he feels unworthy.He couldn't say why in front of his kids but we think he might be a drug addict. Well, we told him that before he had said the most beautiful prayer in Tzotzil that made us cry, and that it was because we had felt the spirit. With that, he mustered the courage to pray. And again, he said the most beautiful prayer. Sometimes we feel unworthy to pray, but God will never turn His face away from us, His arms are ALWAYS outstreched to welcome us home.

Another hermana, less-active, told us the other day that she didn't have anything to give to her children that night for dinner, except for 20 pesos with which they were going to buy eggs and tortilla. When she got home with her kids from cleaning a house (which they didn't pay her for it) and opened the door, to her surprise, their was a months worth of food supply on her table. The kids ran to eat the cereal that they had not tasted for so long, and her little boy said, "mommy, we have MILK!" I just sat their listening to her, and tears came to my eyes. I had never realized how much I have. It brought to mind a favorite passage of scripture in Corinthions 13. 

I love you family, keep the faith,

Hermana Cook 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Chosen

Buenos Noches Familia!! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!! 

Happy New Year family!! 

This week we worked hard with the Ruis Family so that they could get to church. Despite our efforts, only Karito was able to come (she was really the only one who wanted to come). But she had a great experience, and that is what we wanted her to have :) Kariot is one of the daughters, and she really has COURAGE. She was the only one in the whole family who accepted to be baptized on January 30th. And even though none of her family wanted to go to church, SHE did :)

Hermana Ester doesn't want to come to church now, she got offended in church when she came last week... the relief society president repeated something she had just read and so she felt like she hadn't read it well enough. So... now she doesn't want to recieve us or anything. Let me tell you it is a hard walk with the Tzotzil. I think we will have to be moving on from her as well.

We have found investigators, the progress a little, then they don't, and then we have to move on. We are looking for those who are READY (I would even call them those who are chosen). Sometimes there are people who just don't have the DESIRE. And others whose time is not now. 

I have always desired the salvation of my investigators, and I felt it again with Mari. Even though we have moved on it really HURTS. You just come to LOVE so much that when you let them go you feel a hole in your heart. I'm not really sure how to describe it. Your investigator is praying, and you are also praying with all your heart that they can be saved, and then if they don't want it it just rips your heart out. 

I love you family!! Sorry I'm writing you soooo late but we came to Tuxtla today because tomorrow we have a meeting :9 


Hermana Cook !