Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Backpacking into Pom


This week we literally hiked into a chapel that is about an hour from Chenalo, it's called Pom. IN THE MOUNTAINS!! gorgeous!! It helped the Chenalo zone to UNITE!! It rocked! As a zone, we put a goal of 50 baptisms for March 19th (the sad thing about it all is that I won't be here for that day... :( ) and it is going to take place in the RIO (river)!!! This Chenalo zone is on FIRE with excitement to get working! I feel so privileged to be a part of the zone. I will be sending lots of pics of the hike.

KARITO came for the third time to church on Sunday and is progressing very nicely!! She is really the only one in her entire family that wants to listen and progress. She is also the one that works... she goes out to vend pie and cake in the street while her family is in the house. She is 14 years old. The money that she wins with the cakes also helps win the family's bread. She is reading the book of mormon and little by little she is gaining more faith. She told us the other night that she doesn't know if God is answering her prayers because her family doesn't want to accept God in their life, and that is what she has been praying for. The poor girl, I can't imagine what a fight it would be to be the only one in your family who wants to embrace the gospel. She got home from church a little late and her mom punished her... 

We had a lesson with her dad the other night, he had a really hard time accepting to say the closing prayer, he told us he feels unworthy.He couldn't say why in front of his kids but we think he might be a drug addict. Well, we told him that before he had said the most beautiful prayer in Tzotzil that made us cry, and that it was because we had felt the spirit. With that, he mustered the courage to pray. And again, he said the most beautiful prayer. Sometimes we feel unworthy to pray, but God will never turn His face away from us, His arms are ALWAYS outstreched to welcome us home.

Another hermana, less-active, told us the other day that she didn't have anything to give to her children that night for dinner, except for 20 pesos with which they were going to buy eggs and tortilla. When she got home with her kids from cleaning a house (which they didn't pay her for it) and opened the door, to her surprise, their was a months worth of food supply on her table. The kids ran to eat the cereal that they had not tasted for so long, and her little boy said, "mommy, we have MILK!" I just sat their listening to her, and tears came to my eyes. I had never realized how much I have. It brought to mind a favorite passage of scripture in Corinthions 13. 

I love you family, keep the faith,

Hermana Cook 

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