Tuesday, January 19, 2016

She's not mine!

Hola Familia!


This week really has been trying, Karito is our only investigator progressing and we just gave her over to the Elders because we found out she is not part of our area. But I know she is in God's hands and not mine.

I just wanted to give you guys an update on Hermana Zamora, she has actually finished her 18 months time on her mission, but because she went home and came back, they didn't count her first months that she was here. And so she is STILL serving, she has SURPASSED her time. It is a MIRACLE for me, with all of the health problems she has had, God has blessed her more than I had ever imagined. 

This week we found some service to do because we have been having some trouble finding people who want to listen. We shoveled up rocks for a pathway in a little house, but anyway the muchacha didn't want to hear the message in the end. The service is what counted ha ha. 

One of the less active members that we have been visiting named Eloy says that his dad banned him from having friends and that he has to get to work. His dad had been giving him money to go to school but he never used it, never studied, and now he can't find work. He's about 29 years old now. So he can't recieve us anymore and he has to get to work. It might be the only way that he can get thinking again, because the last time we visited him he said he didn't believe in God. And then when all this hallabaloo happened he prayed fervently... sometimes we only pray fervently to God when things go wrong. And it shouldn't be like that. The poor guy has visited every church in every corner and he's so confused about the doctrine and doesn't want to read the book of mormon. He says the bible is the one and only. "We have a bible" type of thing and "we don't want more bible." 

I love you family, I am so happy to hear from you every week, I love your pictures. I MISS YOU!! 

Love, Hermana Cook :) 

NOTICE: Send a friend request to Presidente George and Hermana George on Facebook, they have lots of pics on there that maybe you guys haven't seen. 

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