Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Chosen

Buenos Noches Familia!! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!! 

Happy New Year family!! 

This week we worked hard with the Ruis Family so that they could get to church. Despite our efforts, only Karito was able to come (she was really the only one who wanted to come). But she had a great experience, and that is what we wanted her to have :) Kariot is one of the daughters, and she really has COURAGE. She was the only one in the whole family who accepted to be baptized on January 30th. And even though none of her family wanted to go to church, SHE did :)

Hermana Ester doesn't want to come to church now, she got offended in church when she came last week... the relief society president repeated something she had just read and so she felt like she hadn't read it well enough. So... now she doesn't want to recieve us or anything. Let me tell you it is a hard walk with the Tzotzil. I think we will have to be moving on from her as well.

We have found investigators, the progress a little, then they don't, and then we have to move on. We are looking for those who are READY (I would even call them those who are chosen). Sometimes there are people who just don't have the DESIRE. And others whose time is not now. 

I have always desired the salvation of my investigators, and I felt it again with Mari. Even though we have moved on it really HURTS. You just come to LOVE so much that when you let them go you feel a hole in your heart. I'm not really sure how to describe it. Your investigator is praying, and you are also praying with all your heart that they can be saved, and then if they don't want it it just rips your heart out. 

I love you family!! Sorry I'm writing you soooo late but we came to Tuxtla today because tomorrow we have a meeting :9 


Hermana Cook ! 

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